Where can you hold a koala in Sydney?

Where can you hold a koala in Sydney?

Where to cuddle and pat a Koala in Sydney | Koala Encounters near Sydney

  • Featherdale Wildlife Park Koala encounters.
  • Taronga Zoo.
  • Walkabout Park.
  • Hunter Valley Zoo.
  • Breakfast with Koalas @ Wildlife Sydney Zoo.
  • Symbio Wildlife Park happy snaps.
  • Koala Park Sanctuary.
  • Sydney Zoo.

Where can I hold a koala NSW?

In New South Wales, you aren’t allowed to hold a koala, but you can get up close to one at numerous venues, including Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, where you can meet and pat a koala — or even have breakfast with one if you prefer.

Can you hold koalas at Featherdale?

Can I hold a Koala at Featherdale Wildlife Park? Guests cannot hold a Koala.

How long does it take to go around Featherdale Wildlife Park?

The park recommends spending at least 2 hours looking around and admiring the animals. If you wish to participate in the animal encounters and enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants, it might take between 3 to 4 hours to explore the park.

How much does it cost to hug a koala?

Cohunu Koala Park, Perth Located 40 minutes from Western Australia’s capital of Perth, Cohunu Koala Park is the state’s only spot to get your hands on a koala for a souvenir photo. Photo sessions with the koalas are held daily from 10 am to 4 pm, for a price of $30 per person.

Can you cuddle a koala in Sydney?

Can I cuddle or pat a koala in Sydney? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since a change in the rules a few years ago, it’s now against the regulations for members of the public to cuddle koalas in Sydney and the rest of NSW. No zoo or wildlife park in NSW is permitted to allow guests to cuddle koalas.

Which is better Taronga Zoo or featherdale?

Taronga Zoo has the biggest range of Australian animals; however, Featherdale, with its smaller footprint, can be a better way to get up close and personal with them.

Where can I meet a Quokka?

The best place to see a quokka is in Australia on Rottnest Island and Bald Island. Rottnest Island is the main home of the quokka which is one of the only animals native to it.

Can you feed animals at Featherdale?

Yes, you can! There are walk-through enclosures where you can get close to kangaroos, wallabies and pademelons. The good thing is you can simply buy appropriate food to feed them there.

How big is Featherdale Wildlife Park?

8.1 acres
Featherdale is located in Doonside, part of Western Sydney, approximately 40 kilometres from the CBD. Its 3.29 hectares (8.1 acres) include animal enclosures and display areas, as well as visitor facilities such as picnic spaces, shops, and basic amenities.

Where can I pet a koala?