Are Lagoon catamarans any good?

Are Lagoon catamarans any good?

Lagoon updated its designs over time and has produced some nice looking cats lately. The newer designs are much more elegant and, hard as we tried to find fault, this catamaran is a good, solid, well-crafted vessel. After doing a Lagoon factory tour in France, we were happy that the quality of this vessel is superb.

How fast can a Lagoon 450 sail?

Under Power. The twin upgraded 57hp Yanmar diesels (45hp is standard) with saildrives and folding propellers, delivered 9 knots at 3,200 rpm (wide-open-throttle). A more efficient, but still respectable cruising speed can be found at 2,400 rpm and a speed of 7.8 knots.

How much does a Lagoon 450 weigh?

34,172 lbs

Base price contact your local dealer
Height on trailer N/A
Draft 1.31 m (4′3″)
Dry weight 15,500 kg (34,172 lbs)

What is the biggest lagoon catamaran?

Lagoon Seventy7
Space and grace: Lagoon Seventy7 leads the fleet Affectionately nicknamed “Gentle Giant” for her size and gentle sleek lines, this 77ft (23.28m), 11m wide, and 40m high multihull is the largest sailing cat ever built by Lagoon.

Can you beach a lagoon catamaran?

An excellent example of a boat that can be beached is a Lagoon; this is because the keel protects all of the vital parts.

Are Lagoon catamarans safe?

They’re Safe Lagoon cats are all well thought out for safety considerations, with handrails all over the place for safe movements even in bad weather conditions. The decks are wide and clutter-free, and the running rigging is suitable for short-handed sailing.

How big is a Lagoon 450?

This large, luxurious 45 foot yacht is one of the top of the line Lagoon catamarans. Great for a group of up to 6 guests looking for plenty of space for lounging and entertainment. Because of its size, our Lagoon 450 includes a hostess for the week.

Where are Lagoon catamarans made?

Bordeaux, France
Lagoon catamaran is a brand of twin-hulled boats that are designed and produced in Bordeaux, France. The company began in 1984 as a specialist multihull offshoot of Jeanneau, a volume monohull constructor.

How much is a lagoon 450f?

Boat Length: 45 ft
Asking Price: $635,574
Boat Name: “HULL 736”
Manufacturer: LAGOON
Model: Lagoon 450 F

How much does a lagoon 46 cost?

The base price for the 46 is $620,000. Fit out like the one we sailed—solar power, electric winches, watermaker, air conditioning, genset and code zero, to name a few of the toys—the bill comes to about $740,000.

Are catamarans good for long distance?

Catamarans are quickly outstripping single-hull boats for long-distance journeys. They are more stable and comfortable, and some can travel more than 200 miles in a day.