What are some examples of mesophytes?

What are some examples of mesophytes?

Since mesophytes prefer moist, well drained soils, most crops are mesophytes. Some examples are corn (maize), cucurbits, privet, lilac, goldenrod, clover, and oxeye daisy.

What are hydrophytes mesophytes and xerophytes give two examples of each?

Hydrophytes are the plants that live in water (sea, river, ponds, etc). Mesophytes are the terrestrial plants that live in an average supply of water and average temperature. Xerophytes are a type of extremophiles that live in dry habitats such as deserts etc.

What is a xerophytic plant example?

Popular examples of xerophytes are cacti, pineapple and some Gymnosperm plants. The structural features (morphology) and fundamental chemical processes (physiology) of xerophytes are variously adapted to conserve water, also common to store large quantities of water, during dry periods.

Which plants are known as xerophytes?

xerophyte, any plant adapted to life in a dry or physiologically dry habitat (salt marsh, saline soil, or acid bog) by means of mechanisms to prevent water loss or to store available water. Succulents (plants that store water) such as cacti and agaves have thick, fleshy stems or leaves.

Is Hibiscus a Mesophyte?

Habit and leaf form. Annual, or perennial; to 0.1–4 m high. Mesophytic and xerophytic.

Is Mango a Mesophyte?

Mango and Guava are mesophytic plants, whereas the hydrilla is a hydrophytic plant. Correct step by step answer: Sunken stomata are found in Nerium to control the rate of transpiration. In xerophytes, the stomata are sunken as they are located in a cup- shaped depression (e.g., Nerium) .

Which among the following is an example of hydrophytes?

Correct Answer is: (D) All of these Lotus, water lily, hydrilla, valisineria, trapa, crow foot etc. Hydrophytes are plants that can survive and live only in an aquatic environment like fully in water or wetlands.

Which among the following is an example of Hydrophytes?

What is xerophytes and hydrophytes?

Plants growing in hot and dry regions such as deserts are called xerophytes. Example- Cactus. Plants which live in water are called aquatic plants or hydrophytes.

Is Cactus a Mesophyte?

Correct Option: C. Cactus is a xerophyte as it specializes in surviving in hot and dry environments.

Is Nerium a xerophyte?

They are found in cavities, called stomatal crypts in Nerium oleander (non-succulent xerophyte). They are sunken (lower the epidermis) in xerophytic plants to recuce the water loss. They are found in grooves in Ericales lined with epidermal hair.

Is Mango a xerophyte?

Explanation: Mango is a mesophytic plant . mesophytes are terrestrial plants which are neither adapted to particularly dry nor particularly wet environments where as xerophyte s are those which has adaptations to survive in an environment with little liquid water.