What was the coureur de bois job?

What was the coureur de bois job?

The coureurs des bois (or coureurs de bois), translated as wood runners or runners in the woods, were travelling, unlicensed fur traders in New France between 1650 and 1700. They primarily sought fur from beavers, but also foxes, otters, ermines, muskrats, deer and moose.

What were the responsibilities of the Coeur de Bois?

The independent coureurs des bois played an important role in the European exploration of the continent. They were also vital in establishing trading contacts with Indigenous peoples. Coureurs des bois were itinerant, unlicenced fur traders from New France.

Who were the coureurs de bois and how did they contribute to the economic success of New France?

This is a French term for “runners of the woods”. Coureurs de bois were independent traders who lived among the Indians. How did the coureurs de bois contribute to the economic success of New France? They helped expands the population of New France by marrying Indian women and starting families.

What was the life of a coureurs de bois like?

The coureurs de bois were relatively young men, usually between 20 and 30 years of age, and who were not afraid of danger or physical exertion. They usually set off in the spring, travelling in bark canoes filled with goods to the “Upper Country” of the Great Lakes region. They did not return until the fall.

What is the difference between a voyageur and a coureur de bois?

What is the difference between the coureurs des bois and the voyageurs? The coureurs des bois were active during the French Regime. They were small businessmen trapping fur animals and trading. The voyageurs, for their part, were hired hands.

Who were the French coureurs de bois quizlet?

The phrase coureur de bois means “runner of the woods.” You will recall reading about these adventurers in Chapter 2. They were the French tradres who paddled on long journeys into the wilderness to trade for furs with the First Nations. Later, these hardy men paddled the trade canoes from Montreal to the trading fots.

How do you pronounce coureurs de bois?

noun, plural cou·reurs de bois [koo-rœr duh -bwah].

Who were the coureurs de bois and how did they contribute?

In New France, the term “coureur de bois” referred to colonists who, as of the 1660s, travelled to Indigenous territories to gather fur (beaver, moose, caribou, etc.). Mainly, these men obtained skins and furs from Indigenous peoples by trading for manufactured products, not by hunting themselves.

How do you use coureurs de bois in a sentence?

The coureurs de bois suggested instead that Frenchmen were becoming Indianized, a worrying development for empire builders. Under the control of the fermiers were the coureurs de bois, who ordinarily acted as middlemen by trading directly with the Indians.

Why do you think the meaning in English of coureurs de bois is runners of the woods?

Coureur de Bois means: Runners of the woods. They illegally (against the law) collected and traded furs. They were independent fur traders who befriended First Nations and exchanged goods with them. Their life was extremely difficult.

What is a synonym for coureurs de bois?

Coureurs de Bois. Coureurs du Monde en Isère. courgette. courgette. Courgettes.

What kinds of skills did a Coureur de Bois have?

Skills. A successful coureur des bois had to possess many skills, including those of businessman and expert canoeist. To survive in the Canadian wilderness, coureurs des bois also had to be competent in a range of activities including fishing, snowshoeing and hunting.