How does the Dominator work in psycho pass?

How does the Dominator work in psycho pass?

The Dominator’s standard mode fires energy bursts that paralyze the target and does not need to transform for this mode. It is used to knock suspects unconscious in order to safely bring them into custody. The effect may be reduced or negated if the target is under the influence of strong stimulants.

How much does a Cerevo Dominator cost?

All this brilliance comes at a cost though, the standard version of their Dominator will retail at $799 with a special edition version with a wooden handgrip and other extra detailing priced at $899.

How much is a Dominator gun?

With the amount of work that has gone into its creation — the mechanisms, the sound, LED lights and sensors — the Dominator comes with a rather hefty price tag. The replica gun in all its glory will set you back a sizeable ‎89,800 yen (around $800, AU$1,120 or £555).

Who animated psycho pass?

Production I.G.
Naoyoshi Shiotani returned as director, Akira Amano as character designer, and Production I.G. as animation producer. It consisted of eight episodes with each episode being 45 minutes long.

What is a Dominator?

Dominatornoun. a ruler or ruling power.

Is Psycho-Pass worth watching?

Originally Answered: Is Psycho pass a worth watch anime? Yes, Psycho pass is one of the best psychological and sci-fi anime. It has an interesting and unique plot which shows a different perspective of the world.

What is the opposite of Dominator?

Opposite of one who rules. flunky. inferior. liege. minion.

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Who is the saddest anime character?

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