What size water lines are in mobile homes?

What size water lines are in mobile homes?

Most mobile home potable (drinkable) water piping is 1/2 inch, but to be sure, take the pipe section to the store and shop for the correct-sized replacement pipe and couplings. Insert the PEX pipe insert into one end of the new pipe. Check for any leaks or areas of strain.

How much water pressure should a mobile home have?

Normally, it should not exceed 60 psi. The pressure regulator is usually preset to 50 psi. However, it can be adjusted anywhere from 25 to 75 psi with a simple turn of a screw, as shown above.

Why is my water pressure so low in my mobile home?

Low pressure in a mobile home is usually going to be an aerator clogged in your sink screens. A quick clean or an inexpensive replacement should fix the problem.

Do double wides depreciate in value?

DO MANUFACTURED HOMES DEPRECIATE OR APPRECIATE IN VALUE AFTER THEIR INITIAL PURCHASE? Myth: Manufactured homes do not appreciate in value like other forms of housing. Instead, manufactured homes depreciate in market value, similar to the way automobiles lose value each day.

What kind of water lines do mobile homes use?

CPVC and PEX are more common in mobile home supply lines. Both work for hot and cold water lines. These materials may last as long as the incoming copper lines used for site-built homes. The plastic pipes are cheaper and easier to install.

What is the GREY pipe in mobile homes called?

Polybutylene pipe is a gray plastic tubing that was commonly used as a water-supply plumbing pipe between 1978 and 1995, at which time it was discontinued due to reports of pipes rupturing. In new construction, it was replaced by copper or more dependable forms of plastic pipe, such as CPVC and PEX.

How can I increase the water pressure in my mobile home?

Examine the water pump for the mobile home and turn it to the highest possible setting to give you the highest pressure it can provide. If the pump is still not providing enough pressure, consider replacing the pump.

Is it smart to invest in a mobile home?

Mobile homes are a terrible investment because they drop in value super fast—the same way your car loses value the second you drive it off the lot. Investing in a mobile home isn’t like investing in real estate. Why? Because the land the mobile home sits on is real estate, but the home is considered personal property.

How thick does a concrete slab need to be for a mobile home?

Slab foundations for manufactured homes consist of a 4 to 6 inch deep flat, concrete foundation, with another 4 to 6 inches of gravel or sand beneath it. Instead of the floor of the home, a slab foundation acts as support for the home.

What is the black pipe used in mobile homes?

Polybutylene Pipe Polybutylene was used in all types of homes, including manufactured homes, from the late 1970’s to the mid-1990’s.