How long do you have to stay off your feet after hammer toe surgery?

How long do you have to stay off your feet after hammer toe surgery?

Post-Surgical Self-Care You should keep your foot dry and stay off your feet for 3 to 5 days after your surgery. You should use a walker, cane, knee scooter or crutches to get around. Depending on your specific hammertoe surgery, your doctor may allow you to walk on it with a surgical shoe or boot right after surgery.

How long after hammer toe surgery can I walk?

Many patients can walk immediately following surgery in a stiff-soled, surgical shoe or boot. Patients can typically return to normal activities after 2-3 months.

Can you bend your toes after hammertoe surgery?

Can I bend my toe after surgery? Most hammertoe surgical procedures will result in some stiffening of your toe. Depending on the specific surgery performed, you may or may not be able to bend your toe once it has healed. The goals are to have a toe that is not painful and that you can place into a shoe easily.

Is it worth getting hammer toe surgery?

A common risk is the possibility of the hammertoe recurring. However, a surgical correction has a 90% success rate. Minimally invasive procedures have also reduced the risk of infections and increased success rates. For persons who want to improve the quality of life and reduce pain, surgery is the best bet.

How long does pain last after hammer toe surgery?

Depending on the type of surgery you had for your hammer toe, these symptoms can last for weeks to months. They will slowly get better with time. After surgery, you will need to wear a special type of shoe to protect your toe and to keep it in the right position for 3 to 6 weeks.

When can I put weight on my foot after hammer toe surgery?

Patients should remain non-weight bearing for at least 4 weeks or until the surgeon advises. Once the incisions heal and the swelling subsides, the patient can gradually apply weight and move. Recovery is a lengthy process. However, at the end of the period is a straightened, pain-free toe.

How long does hammertoe surgery take?

Your surgeon will close up the incisions with stitches, which will be removed about two weeks after surgery. 11 Your foot will be bandaged after surgery is completed. Hammertoe surgery should take less than an hour.

Do you need physical therapy after hammertoe surgery?

You should begin Physical Therapy at Philip Physical Therapy as soon as your surgeon allows it. Often it is advised to begin therapy as soon as the stitches are removed.