What is a firestop collar?

What is a firestop collar?

Firestop Collars are used as fire protection for PVC and other plastic combustible pipes that penetrate through a fire rated wall. A Fire Collar for PVC pipes will provide the proper fire protection for a penetrating pipe while maintaining the wall/ceiling/floor’s 1 or 2 hour Fire Rating.

What is a pipe collar used for?

Pipe collars are used in these situations to stop the spread of fire. They are fitted around the pipe and on exposure to heat from a fire they rapidly expand inwards to squeeze the collapsing plastic pipe until the aperture is completely sealed.

What size pipe requires a fire collar?

Though our Firestop-814+ Intumescent Firestop Sealant has UL testing for pipes up to 2 inches in diameter without the use of a collar, many inspectors require a firestop collar on 1.5-inch and 2-inch pipes. As with extensions of our published firestop data, we recommend checking with the AHJ before installation.

Where do you put a fire collar?

The collar should fit where the pipe penetrates through the separating surface. Then position and close so you can mark the bolt holes to allow you to drill them. Once drilled, you can put the collar back in position and secure by closing the toggle clasp.

Do metal pipes need fire collars?

Metal Pipes – Standard fire collars are usually not suitable for fire sealing metal pipes. The intumescent will not be able to crush a metal pipe in the same way it can a plastic pipe. You are likely to need a more specialist collar like our Pacifyre® EFC Endless Fire Collar or a pipe wrap or sleeve.

Are fire collars required?

A: Fire collars are required on both sides of a wall for 2 critical reasons. Firstly when testing fire collars in a wall configuration, the manufacturer sets up the test with one collar on each side of the wall (excluding the PROMASEAL FCW Collar) during a fire test. Often both collars activate during a fire test.

Where are fire collars used?

They are typically used for retrofitting around small plastic conduit pipes. Available in one size (32mm), they can be used on pipes ranging from 16mm to 32mm in diameter without modification. Surface-mounted collars (retrofit application), they are used for floor waste systems.

How do intumescent pipe collars work?

Both intumescent pipe collars (or fire collars) and intumescent pipe wraps work on the same principle; in the event of a fire, when exposed to heat, the intumescent material expands crushing the plastic pipe as it softens and plugs the hole.