Does Mary Beth Evans have grandchildren?

Does Mary Beth Evans have grandchildren?

Days of Our Lives’ Mary Beth Evans (Kayla Johnson) has welcomed her fourth grandchild. Last year, she revealed on Instagram that her daughter, Katherine and her husband Cory were set to welcome their second child, a boy, James Beauden Nasoff who was born on February 2, 2022. Congratulations to the family!

How many grandchildren does Mary Beth Evans have?

Evans and her husband Dr. Michael Schwartz have three children, Danny, Katie and Matthew, with other grandchildren Henry and Alice added to the fold.

How old is Kayla on Days of Our Lives in real life?

Mary Beth Evans (born March 7, 1961) is an American television actress, known for her role as Kayla Brady on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives, and her role as Sierra Estaban on the CBS daytime soap As the World Turns.

Who is Marybeth Evans married to?

Michael SchwartzMary Beth Evans / Spouse (m. 1985)

Who is Beth on Days of Our Lives?

Mary Beth Evans was first seen on “Days of Our Lives” in 1986 when she was cast as Kayla Brady, the youngest child of Shawn Brady Sr., and his wife, Caroline. Evans took over the role from Catherine Mary Stuart, who portrayed the role for a year, per Soap Central.

How old is Maggie on Days of Our Lives?


Maggie Horton Kiriakis
Born June 18, 1943
Age 77
Occupation Restaurant owner Day spa owner Investor Hospital volunteer
Residence Kiriakis Mansion 13201 Glen Oaks Drive Salem, United States

Who is Stephen Nichols married to?

Lisa GordonStephen Nichols / Spouse (m. 1984)

How old is Marybeth Evans?

61 years (March 7, 1961)Mary Beth Evans / Age

Is Suzanne Rogers wearing a wig?

In the end, the show decided to have Rogers wear a wig — which she’s still doing today, as her hair continues to grow back — and they have given the actress plenty of time to get back on her feet, acting-wise. “I felt aflutter at first because I was scared,” she shares of her DAYS return.