How can I protect myself from riots?

How can I protect myself from riots?

Lock the doors and windows and stay away from them. Though you may be tempted to watch the riot from the windows, this will increase your chances of getting hurt. Move to rooms that do not lead directly outside to avoid getting hit by stones, bullets, or other projectiles.

Does the UK have riot police?

A Police Support Unit or PSU is a unit of police officers who have undergone specialist tactical training in Public Order and Riot Control.

What items does a crowd control unit need during a riot?

Riot control personnel have long used less lethal weapons such as batons and whips to disperse crowds and detain rioters. Since the 1980s, riot control officers have also used tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and electric tasers.

What do the riot police do?

Riot police are used in a variety of different situations and for a variety of different purposes. They may be employed to control riots as their name suggests, to disperse or control crowds, to maintain public order or discourage criminality, or to protect people or property.

How do you prepare for a riot?

Purchase personal and home protection equipment, such as weapons, door guards, and cameras. Learn ways to fortify your property to protect it against the possibility of a home invasion. If your home is located in a vulnerable area, you should consider building a safe room or some type of shelter.

Do goggles protect against tear gas?

The best way to guard against most of these threats is to wear shatterproof goggles. They can block direct contact with tear gas and pepper spray (which are often the first weapons used against crowds), as well as viruses.

What is police riot gear made of?

Riot shields are typically made out of transparent polycarbonate between 4–6 millimetres (0.16–0.24 in) in thickness. Shields are designed to be shatter resistant, though are typically not ballistic resistant.

What is a Level 2 officer?

Role Purpose. Level 2 Public Order Officers are deployed to spontaneous or pre-planned public order/public safety events as a resource to enable an effective policing response and act, where needed, in a mutual aid capacity.

Why do police use horses in riots?

Police horses are etched into the public memory for being both a point of stability and force in turbulent situations, keeping order at mass protests, riots and large-scale events. But they are also regularly required in remote areas of the country for search and rescue operations.

How do I protect my store from looters?

Here are some steps businesses can take to protect their assets during periods of unrest.

  1. Assess your property for vulnerabilities.
  2. Remove valuables and money from the premises.
  3. Do not attempt to handle looters on your own.
  4. Contact local authorities for further guidance.

How can you protect your business from protesters?

How to protect your business during a protest

  1. Stay informed. Depending on where you live, protest organizers are required to get a permit before demonstrating publicly.
  2. Reduce building weaknesses.
  3. Hire a security guard.
  4. Close your store.
  5. Revise your schedule.
  6. Call the police.
  7. Review your insurance policy.
  8. Take legal action.