How do Membership stars work in Girl Scouts?

How do Membership stars work in Girl Scouts?

Each membership star represents one year of registration as a Girl Scout. Membership Stars are worn on Discs for Membership Stars* directly beneath the troop/group numerals on the sash or the right side of the vest or tunic from right to left. *Discs for Membership Stars are sold separately.

What do Girl Scout stars mean?

Membership Stars: Each star represents one year as a Girl Scout and is pinned on the disc. The color of the disc shows your level. Girl Scout Daisies get a blue disc. The number of stars shows how many years you’ve been a member at each level.

What are the official Girl Scout colors?

The Girl Scout identity uses three core colors, green (PMS 355), black, and white. Girl Scouts has the privilege of claiming a color. Green.

What color is junior membership disc?

YELLOW discs
Girl Scout Junior stars (on YELLOW discs), then. Girl Scout Cadette stars (on WHITE discs), then. Senior Girl Scout stars (on RED discs), and finally. Ambassador Girl Scout stars (on NAVY discs).

How many years are you a daisy?

Daisy is the initial level of Girl Scouting. Named for Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, they are in kindergarten and first grade (around ages 5–7). They meet in minimally groups of five girls with two adult leaders who help the girls plan activities to introduce them to Girl Scouts.

What color is the Junior Girl Scout vest?

green vest
Uniform Basics Juniors have the option of a green vest or sash. Juniors wear the standard white shirt and khaki pants or skirt for formal events.

Do Girl Scouts have ranks?

The Girl Scouts of the USA has six levels: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador. Girl Scouts move or “bridge” to the next level, usually at the end of the school year, when they reach the age of advancing. The Ambassador level is the most recent, having been added in 2011.