What are the best video tutorial on quantitative aptitude?

What are the best video tutorial on quantitative aptitude?

25 Aptitude Youtube Channels

  • Feel Free to Learn.
  • Amar Sir | Educational Channel.
  • Current Affairs Funda | Aptitude & Logical Reasoning.
  • Career Ride.
  • E-Class Room for Competitive Exams.
  • Rise Classes | Concept Based Learning.
  • Solve with Spaarkz.
  • Kamal Hitesh Bajaj Aptitude | Logical Tricks.

How can I learn Quantitative Aptitude easily?

Practice a lot to get familiar with them. Practice common square root and cube root problems to quickly solve during exam. Mark strong and weak sections: While solving different problems, try to find out the topics that you are strong in and also the ones you in which you aren’t….Statistics:

  1. Mean.
  2. Median.
  3. Mode.
  4. Quartiles.

Which is the best course for quantitative aptitude?

10 Best Classes for Bank Exams Quantitative Aptitude in 2020

  • MALAYALAM. Advanced Maths.
  • ENGLISH. Basic Maths.
  • TAMIL. Quantitative Aptitude.
  • HINDI. Data Interpretation.
  • ENGLISH. Quantitative Aptitude.
  • HINDI. Basic Maths.
  • HINDI. Quantitative Aptitude.
  • HINDI. Quantitative Aptitude. Discussion on Data Interpretation For IBPS PO 2019.

What is the easiest way to solve quantitative aptitude questions?

5 Tips to Master Quantitative Aptitude Tests

  1. Start from the Basics.
  2. Focus on Rare Problems.
  3. Check Up on Your Speed.
  4. Focus on Your Weaker Links.
  5. Grasp the Numbers.
  6. Percentage Trick.
  7. Profit and Loss.
  8. Train Relative Speed.

Which is the best YouTube channel to learn quantitative aptitude?

10 Best Youtube Channels For Aptitude

  • #1. CareerRide.
  • #2. Freshersworld.com.
  • #3. 5 Minutes Engineering.
  • #4. Online Smart Study.
  • #5. Avinash Sir Maths.
  • #6. Vyoma TV.
  • #7. Last moment tuitions( LMT )
  • #8. TalentSprint Aptitude Prep.

Which YouTube channel is good for quantitative aptitude?

Feel Free to Learn – it covers most of the aptitude part. Amar Sir | Educational Channel. Current Affairs Funda Aptitude & Logical Reasoning – it covers logical reasoning, aptitude, current affairs. Solve with Spaarkz.

Which is the best youtube channel for quantitative aptitude?

Which is the best website to learn aptitude?

Best sites for students for improving reasoning aptitude

  • IndiaBix.com. This is a website that offers a variety of learning opportunities.
  • Testpot.com.
  • Freedu.in.
  • Sawaal.com.

Which is the best YouTube channel for quantitative aptitude?

Who is the best teacher for aptitude on Unacademy?

best teacher for reasoning on unacademy |online?

  • According to the unacademy, Puneet sharma is india’s no 1 reasoning teacher.
  • He is very popular known as Puneet sir among the aspirants.
  • He tries to provide quality content with consistency to the Students.
  • His classes are available in Hindi or English language.

How can I learn aptitude in one day?

Aptitude Test Preparation One Day: Concept Base

  1. Just find some sample questions for Aptitude test preparation.
  2. Try to solve the question by your own without looking the answer.
  3. Let it be right or wrong go to the solution method.
  4. If it is wrong look and grasp the right way.