What was decided at the Algeciras Conference?

What was decided at the Algeciras Conference?

On the surface, nevertheless, the convention, the Act of Algeciras, signed on April 7, 1906, appeared to limit French penetration. It reaffirmed the independence of the sultan and the economic equality of the powers, and it provided that French and Spanish police officers be under a Swiss inspector general.

Who was involved in the Algeciras Conference?

Algeciras Conference

To ratify European intervention in Morocco following the First Moroccan Crisis
Signed 7 April 1906
Location Algeciras, Spain
Sealed 18 June 1906
Signatories Germany Austria-Hungary Great Britain France Russian Empire Spain United States Kingdom of Italy Morocco Netherlands Sweden Portugal Belgium

How did the Algeciras Conference end?

The Algeciras Conference ended on April 7th 1906. The Germans got very little out of the conference. The plan to create a triple alliance or even a quadruple alliance to isolate Great Britain failed. Arguably, by the end of the conference, Britain and France had even closer ties to one another.

What happened in Morocco between France and Germany?

On March 31, 1905, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany arrives in Tangiers to declare his support for the sultan of Morocco, provoking the anger of France and Britain in what will become known as the First Moroccan Crisis, a foreshadowing of the greater conflict between Europe’s great nations still to come, the First World War.

Why was the Treaty of Fez signed?

The Treaty of Fez (Arabic language: معاهدة فاس‎) was a treaty signed on 30 March 1912 in which Sultan Abdelhafid agreed to allow France to make Morocco a French protectorate, ending the Agadir Crisis of 1 July 1911.

Why was the Algeciras Conference of 1906 a disaster for the Kaiser?

The conference was a disaster for the Germans. Their policy of threats had so alienated governments and public opinion throughout Europe that Germany found itself all but isolated, with only the Austro–Hungarian Empire and Morocco itself siding with the Germans.

What side was Morocco on in ww2?

During World War II, Morocco, which was then occupied by France, was controlled by Vichy France from 1940 to 1942 after the occupation of France by Nazi Germany.

Did Germany want Morocco?

The First Moroccan Crisis or the Tangier Crisis was an international crisis between March 1905 and May 1906 over the status of Morocco. Germany wanted to challenge France’s growing control over Morocco, aggravating France and Great Britain.

Why did France take over Morocco?

Like most imperializing countries, the Spanish and French wanted to colonize Morocco because they wanted power. Feelings of nationalism made people proud of all that their country had achieved.