How do I access old Moodle?

How do I access old Moodle?

To access your past Moodle course from your dashboard in eClass, click on the course title in Your courses on moodle@yorku block. This will open the course in Moodle.

Can you see old courses on Moodle?

While you can find a full list of your previous courses in Self-Service, all Moodle course spaces, aside from professional development courses offered through the Office of Continuing Education, are archived approximately one week into the next semester/term.

How do I restore Moodle?

Restoring a course backup

  1. Go to Settings > Course administration > Restore.
  2. Upload the backup file or choose a file in the course backup area or user private backup area and click Restore.
  3. Confirm – Check that everything is as required then click the Continue button.

How do I restore a file in Moodle?

Go to the main page of your course, click on the gear icon to the right of the course title, and then click Restore (if you have an empty course to restore into). Upload the backup file by dragging into the Files box, or choose a file in the Course backup area or User private backup area and click Restore.

Why can’t I see my courses on Moodle?

Courses may not be visible in Moodle until after the course has started. If you’re currently enrolled in a course that has started and don’t see it in the course list on your Moodle dashboard, please contact your instructor. Especially if it’s early in the term, the course may not have been made visible yet.

How do I activate a course in Moodle?

On the Course Home page, locate the Actions gear (in the right hand corner of the course home page) and click Edit settings. 2. Under the General options, locate the Course visibility setting. Click on the dropdown menu, and select Show.

How do I open a Mbz file?

ZIP files, you can extract the contents in the archives by renaming the . mbz file extension to . zip. Then, extract the contents using a Zip-decompression utility, such as Corel WinZip or Apple Archive Utility.

Where does Moodle store backup files?

To find the backup file for a course, go to the front page of that course, click Administration->Files, and look for a folder named backupdata. The backup file for the course should be found in that folder. If you don’t see a backupdata folder, or if the folder is empty, then backups are not being made.

Why did my class disappear from Moodle?

If you used to have access to a course, but it seems to have disappeared, it has most likely changed status from “In-progress” to “past.” This can happen, especially if the course has ended, but you still have work to submit.

How do I show courses on Moodle?

On the Course Management panel, under Course Settings, select Edit course settings. The Edit course settings page will open. On the Edit course settings page, under General, for Course visibility, select Hide or Show. Click Save and display.

How do I join a Moodle class?

Join a community course

  1. in your Community block, select ‘Search’ operation.
  2. select a hub (Mooch being hub)
  3. set search settings to ‘courses I can enrol’ and select ‘Search’ operation.
  4. look at the result and click on ‘Bookmark’ operation. The course will be added to a bookmark list in the community block.

How do I enroll myself in Moodle?

How to enable self-enrolment in Moodle

  1. Click Course administration.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click Enrolment methods.
  4. Click on the words Enrolment methods and you will see that Self enrolment (Student) is disabled.
  5. Click on the closed eye button to enable Self enrolment feature.