What rare animals do you know in Kazakhstan?

What rare animals do you know in Kazakhstan?

Rare Wildlife In Kazakhstan. There are several different species of rare wildlife in Kazakhstan, including the Eurasian brown bear, the long-needle hedgehog, the desert cat, slim goitered gazelles, sand grouse, and the Siberian ibex among others.

What are some plants and animals in Kazakhstan?


  • Argali.
  • Bactrian camel.
  • Barbel.
  • Beluga sturgeon.
  • Caspian seal.
  • Caspian Sea wolf.
  • Central Asian red deer.
  • Channidae.

What animals can be found in Kazakhstan?

Other mammals include: roe deer, lynx, particolored bat, polecats (similar to ferrets), weasels, foxes, badger, pine marten and ermine. A variety of small mammals inhabit the zapovednik, such as: hares, pika, ground squirrels, jerboa, marmots, hedgehogs, hamsters, mice, and voles.

What are the plants in Kazakhstan?

Native Plants Of Kazakhstan

Native Plants of Kazakhstan Scientific Name
Starfruit Damasonium alisma
Great Water Parsnip Sium latifolium
Musk Thistle Carduus nutans
Tarda Tulip Tulipa tarda

What is the national animal of Kazakhstan?

The Steppe Eagle is the national animal of Kazakhstan and can be seen on the Flag of Kazakhstan.

What plants are in Kazakhstan?

What is a very rare animal?

The single rarest animal in the world is the vaquita (Phocoena sinus). This porpoise lives only in the extreme northwestern corner of the Gulf of California in Mexico. Since the population was recorded at 567 in 1997, it has since declined to its current state of 18.

What is the bird of Kazakhstan?

What kind of trees are in Kazakhstan?

Starfruit is one of the many plant types found in Kazakhstan….Native Plants Of Kazakhstan.

Native Plants of Kazakhstan Scientific Name
Niedzwedzkia Niedzwedzkia semiretschenskia
European Bedstraw Galium rubioides
Starfruit Damasonium alisma