Can we redistribute BGP to OSPF?

Can we redistribute BGP to OSPF?

In Cisco IOS router, we can redistribute either one or both external and internal BGP into any IGP, such as OSPF. This article will show an example that demonstrates the steps to Redistribute BGP Route into OSPF in Cisco IOS Router. There are four routers in AS65535 and they are running OSPF for their internal routing.

How redistribute a BGP default route into OSPF?


  1. Configure an IP prefix-list ip prefix-list prefix4-default seq 5 permit
  2. Create a route-map to permit the prefix in the prefix-list route-map ospf-default permit 1 match ip address prefix-list prefix4-default match protocol bgp external // internal for iBGP or external for eBGP.

How does BGP work with OSPF?

BGP and OSPF work together in a network to provide reachability (that is, routing) information to routers about networks outside the OSPF network. In a provider network, BGP populates the routing table, with the address of the eBGP neighbor, as the next hop for routes to exterior autonomous systems.

Which cost is the default when redistributing routes from BGP to OSPF?

The default cost or metric of a redistributed route is 1 for BGP and 20 for all other protocols. This command will redistribute classful routes into OSPF only if the subnets keyword is not used.

How allow redistribute default route works on BGP and OSPF?

Enabling the “Allow Redistribute Default Route” with the redistribution profile having the default route is mandatory to have the default route advertised to its peers. The procedure is same for OSPF and BGP. If the default route is not available on the routing table , you can directly add the default route(0.0.

What is the difference between OSPF and BGP?

BGP and OSPF are two of the most common routing protocols. While BGP excels with dynamic routing for large networks, OSPF offers more efficient path choice and convergence speed.

What is redistribution in OSPF?

Route Redistribution in OSPF: Redistribution is a technique using which the boundary routers connecting different routing domains can exchange and advertise routing information.

What is BGP redistribute internal?

Causes the device to allow the redistribution of IBGP routes from BGP into OSPF for non-default VRF instances.

What protocol does OSPF use?

OSPF runs over Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), but does not use a transport protocol, such as UDP or TCP. It encapsulates its data directly in IP packets with protocol number 89.

What type of protocol is OSPF?

link-state routing protocol
Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a link-state routing protocol that was developed for IP networks and is based on the Shortest Path First (SPF) algorithm. OSPF is an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP).

Why OSPF is needed for BGP?

While BGP excels with dynamic routing for large networks, OSPF offers more efficient path choice and convergence speed. Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP, and Open Shortest Path First, or OSPF, are two of the most popular, standards-based dynamic routing protocols used around the world.

How is BGP better than OSPF?

BGP is more flexible and scalable than OSPF and used on a larger network, unlike OSPF. The primary objective of the OSPF is to determine the best route, i.e., fastest. Conversely BGP emphasizes on determining the best path. OSPF uses link state routing while BGP uses path vector routing.