What is the tide in Picnic Point?

What is the tide in Picnic Point?

Tide times for Picnic Point Beach

Day Tide times for Picnic Point Beach
1st Tide 4th Tide
Tue 19 12:50am ▲ 3.1 m 7:46pm ▼ 0.9 m
Wed 20 1:44am ▲ 3.2 m 8:41pm ▼ 0.9 m
Thu 21 2:36am ▲ 3.3 m 9:33pm ▼ 0.9 m

What time is high tide in Georges River today?

Thomaston, St. George River Tides

Date Time Tide
Sun May 29 11:36pm High Tide
Mon May 30 6:00am Low Tide
Mon May 30 12:13pm High Tide
Mon May 30 6:00pm Low Tide

What is the tide in the Georges River?

A low value indicates weak tides, known as neap tides….Times.

Tide Time Height
high 02:40 am 4.66 ft
low 09:57 am 1.97 ft
high 04:09 pm 3.58 ft
low 09:09 pm 2.66 ft

What time is high tide tomorrow near me?

Tides in Los Angeles, CA for Today & Tomorrow 6/6/2022: The tide now in Los Angeles, CA is rising. Next high tide is 5:06 pm. Next low tide is 9:56 pm.

Is the Georges River flooded?

The Georges River has flooded before. It will happen again. Visit the Georges Riverkeeper website for more information on floods on the Georges River.

When was the last time Georges River flooded?

Additional Information

Field Value
Title Georges River Flood Data August 5th-6th, 1986
Publication Date 1 July 1987
Themes Land and Resource Management
Spatial Extent +- Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors Tiles by Stamen Design (CC BY 3.0)

Is Pitt Town a flood zone?

Pitt Town turns into a series of islands every time there is a flood described as a “one-in-100-year event”, meaning there is a 1% chance of that occurring in any year. But the population has tripled in the past 15 years, increasing the number of residents who may need to evacuate from the area quickly.

What are the tides in Auckland today?

Sunrise is at 7:27am and sunset is at 5:11pm….Today’s tide times for Auckland: Sunday 05 June 2022.

Tide Time (NZST)& Date Height
Low Tide 5:02 AM(Sun 05 June) 2.92 ft (0.89 m)
High Tide 11:17 AM(Sun 05 June) 8.96 ft (2.73 m)
Low Tide 5:10 PM(Sun 05 June) 2.54 ft (0.78 m)
High Tide 11:35 PM(Sun 05 June) 9.38 ft (2.86 m)

What time of day are the tides highest?

One cycle of tides actually takes 24 hours and 50 minutes. The highest tides occur when the Moon is new or full. High tides sometimes occur either before or after the Moon is straight overhead.