Where can I buy a saber cat tooth?

Where can I buy a saber cat tooth?


  • Sabre cat teeth can be found on Sabre Cats and Snowy Sabre Cats.
  • They can be purchased from alchemy stores.
  • Two can be stolen from Drelas’ Cottage located south and slightly east of Morthal.
  • There is one on the table on the right in Sinderion’s Field Laboratory in Blackreach.

Where can I find a Sabre tooth tiger in Skyrim?

Sabre Cats are large predators found in the mountainous or tundra areas of northern and central Skyrim, especially the open plains between Rorikstead and Whiterun.

Where can I buy a Sabre Cat snow pelt?

They predominate at high elevations, and can typically be found in the Pale, Winterhold, and other various snowy places in Skyrim. Two are guaranteed to be found in the mountains northeast of Thalmor Embassy. This is the only fixed location for them in the game.

What are khajiit good at?

Khajiits excel in stealth roles, making them extraordinary assassins, thieves, and archers. Their excellent Sneak level coupled with certain Archery and Sneak perks make them very deadly archers, especially when sneak attacking.

What do you do with a saber cat pelt?

Sabre Cat Pelt is a miscellaneous item found on dead Sabre Cats. It can be turned into four pieces of leather at a tanning rack. In Hearthfire it can also be used to create a mounted sabre cat head and used to create a trophy in the trophy room.

Where are snowy Sabre cats in Skyrim?

A snowy sabre cat often spawns along the coast east of Windhelm Stables, close to Yngol Barrow.

Why do Khajiit speak in third person?

Khajiit speaks in third person because khajiit is awesome. Bc English or whatever it’s called in TES is prolly not their first language so it’s most likely the dialect they picked up when they tried to learn.

What level are bears in Skyrim?


Creature (ID) Lvl Soul
Bear (00023A8A) 12 Lesser
Cave Bear (00023A8B) 16 Common
Snow Bear (00023A8C) 20
Bear CC (FExxx873) 30 Greater

Why do Khajiit call people five claw?

EDIT 3: If someone “fights like they were born with six claws” it means they fight well and courageously. I’m not 100% certain about these other two, but I think “walker” is used to refer to wandering Khajiit, and “five-clawed” means courageous. I love how Dunmer have the most sayings!