Why was Jennette McCurdy jealous of Ariana Grande?

Why was Jennette McCurdy jealous of Ariana Grande?

Jennette McCurdy explains jealousy toward Ariana Grande Cat was trapped in a box to conceal the fact that Grande had to perform at the Grammys. I was like, ‘I deserve more. ‘ I don’t even do music or pop star things, so I don’t know why I was comparing myself to that person,” said McCurdy.

Does Jennette McCurdy still hang out with Ariana Grande?

McCurdy and Grande may not talk as much as they did while filming Sam & Cat together, but it appears they’re still friends.

Why did Sam leave Sam and Cat?

Media outlets attributed the cancellation to a salary dispute between McCurdy and Nickelodeon, an alleged feud between McCurdy and Grande, the leak of racy photographs of McCurdy, the rising music career of Grande, and both actresses’ desires to move on to other projects.

Are Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy still friends?

These days, neither Miranda Cosgrove nor Jennette McCurdy have spoken about their friendship. That doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t in touch, but it doesn’t reassure fans they are either. The two still seem to follow each other on social media, so there’s no indication of bad blood between them.

Did Jennette and Ariana fight?

While Ariana Grande has never made any public statements about her issues with Jennette McCurdy, McCurdy finally addressed the popular misconception that she and Grande didn’t get along in 2015, telling E! News that the pair “butted heads” but in a very “sisterly way.” Luckily, there has been no further drama since.

Are Ariana and Victoria friends?

A few years before Grande slammed feud rumors, Justice shut down ongoing speculations of bad blood between the two while speaking with TMZ in 2015. “We’re not best friends, but at the end of the day I wish her well and she’s doing great, and I’m happy for her,” Victoria said.

Did Freddie like Carly or Sam?

Freddie was in love with Carly since the day they met, but it took Carly a while to realize her feelings for Freddie. Until Season 4, Freddie hated Sam, but Carly was best friends with Sam from the day they met.