Can you get a purple lightsaber in swtor?

Can you get a purple lightsaber in swtor?

The only way to get a purple crystal is to get a columi weapon on the empire side. Columi weapon tokens do of course drop on some operations but also on hardmode flashpoints, so not exclusive to operations.

What does it mean if your lightsaber is purple?

As a result, those who wielded a purple lightsaber had a strong connection to both the Light and Dark sides of the Force. Purple color is a combination of good and evil, the majority of Star wars characters were too loyal to one side or the other to wield a weapon of this genius and stealth.

Is purple lightsaber rare?

While blue, red, and green lightsaber crystals are the most common colors in the Star Wars universe, purple lightsabers are less often seen, and these exceedingly rare crystals were used by few duelists throughout history.

How do you get different colored lightsabers in swtor?

Other players can craft them as for you if you ask and provide credits/materials. Players can craft red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and magenta crystals. All of those but magenta can be found in looted lightsabers. All of the black-core, purple, and cyan crystals can only be acquired at max level.

Is the purple lightsaber the strongest?

Is Purple the Strongest Lightsaber? The purple lightsaber is known to be the strongest on the side of the Jedi. Purple lightsabers are actually relatively rare in the Star Wars universe. They are particularly unique because they are known to be affiliated with both the light and dark side of the Force.

Why was Mace Windu purple?

The blade was also rare, in that it was purple. This color was acheived using an extremely rare crystal found on the planet Hurikane. The purple color was symbolic, indicating that the bearer had studied several forms of lightsaber combat, including delving into the dark techniques of the Sith.

What does an orange lightsaber mean?

An orange lightsaber indicates that a delicate balance has been struck between the light and dark sides of the Force. A Jedi in possession of one has not completely turned their back on either belief system, but rather exists somewhere in the middle.