How many branches does Leeds Building Society have?

How many branches does Leeds Building Society have?

65 branches
It has 65 branches across the UK, with 29 located in Yorkshire, and previously had two international branches located in Gibraltar and Dublin, Ireland. The head office is located on Sovereign Street in Leeds city centre.

Did Halifax take over Leeds Building Society?

After its merger with the Halifax the use of the Leeds Building Society name had ceased. In turn the Halifax had merged with Bank of Scotland to form HBOS in 2001 which in turn became part of Lloyds Banking Group in 2009 due to the collapse of its share price and exposure to the credit crunch.

Is it easy to get a mortgage with Leeds Building Society?

Leeds Building Society are roughly as strict as most other high street mortgage lenders. They might be willing to overlook some minor forms of bad credit, but usually reject customers with more severe issues like unsatisfied defaults and debt management plans on the spot.

Which bank owns Yorkshire building society?

2010. The Yorkshire merges with Chelsea Building Society on 1 April 2010.

How strong is Leeds Building Society?

Leeds Building Society’s strong performance in a vibrant housing market delivered record profit before tax of £163.7m (£80.7m 2020), enabling the business to further increase capital and reserves to £1.46bn (£1.35bn 2020), well above the regulatory requirement.

Which bank owns Yorkshire Building Society?

Is Leeds Building Society protected by FSCS?

The FSCS protects deposits in banks, building societies and credit unions. Deposit protection applies to individuals and small businesses. Joint accounts are also protected up to £170,000.

How long do Leeds Building Society take to approve a mortgage?

How long does a Leeds Building Society application take? While checking the average speed for Trussle customers to have a mortgage application processed by Leeds Building Society, we found that it took 19 days on average. * This is longer than the average of all lenders that we checked, which was 16 days.

How strict are Leeds Building Society?