How many inches should I lift my Ram 1500?

How many inches should I lift my Ram 1500?

For maximum tire clearance needed for the craziest off-road situations, a 5 to 7-inch lift kit is recommended. These kits give enough room for you to fit a 37-inch tall tire on your Ram, and provide a ridiculous amount of ground clearance.

Does RAM offer a factory lift kit?

Wranglers, Gladiators and Ram 1500’s with Mopar factory-installed lifts of 2 inches are eligible for Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan contracts.

How much does it cost to install lift kit on RAM?

J.D. Power estimates the cost of the kits to be between $400 and $12,000. Higher scale category truck lifts can raise the vehicle at least six inches. They cost from $10,000 to $15,000.

Do you need new shocks with a lift kit?

Because the shocks are not touched during the lift, new shocks are not required for lift kits. For people who like to go “off road,” lift kits will give your tires more clearance while still retaining the factory suspension geometry and alignment.

Can you lift a Ram 1500 with air suspension?

Coldwater, MI : BDS Suspension is now offering updated 4″ lift systems for the late model 2019-2020 RAM 1500 and Rebel trucks equipped with Air Ride. These new air ride compatible kits are built to the highest standard to maximize the truck’s potential with room for 35″ tires.

Should I lift my Dodge Ram 1500?

Lifting your truck enables you to install large tires, enhance its aesthetics, and bolster its ability to handle off-road terrain. You have a choice of various lift options for your Ram 1500, depending on your budget and desired characteristics, such as performance, appearance, and balance.

Can Ram 1500 run 37s?

A lot of it depends on the wheel, something like a 22×14 and 37s doesn’t belong on a 1500. Doesn’t really belong on anything, but certainly better on a 2500. It’s a lot of stress due to the extreme offset. But a 10” wheel and 37s will be fine.