Who was on the 2001 Mariners?

Who was on the 2001 Mariners?

2001 Seattle Mariners

2001 Seattle Mariners 2001 Seattle Mariners Official Logo Complete Roster
Roster Schedule Hitting Pitching Fielding Statmaster
19 Jay Buhner 1964-08-13
44 Mike Cameron 1973-01-08
1 Charles Gipson 1972-12-16

Did the Seattle Mariners make the playoffs in 2001?

When was the last time the Mariners were in the playoffs? The Seattle Mariners last made the playoffs in 2001, when they lost the AL Championship Series. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 4 times in their 45 seasons.

What year did Seattle Mariners win 116 games?

The Mariners finished with a 116–46 (. 716) record, tying the major league record for wins set by the 1906 Chicago Cubs, and setting the record for wins by an American League team….2001 Seattle Mariners season.

2001 Seattle Mariners
Record 116–46 (.716)
Divisional place 1st
Other information

How many series did the 2001 Mariners win?

116 wins
Top 5 seasons in Mariners history Seattle’s record of 116 wins in a season in 2001 has been touted by many to be among the most monumental in Major League history — only the 1906 Cubs have matched that feat — so of course, that campaign stands out above all when assessing each of the Mariners’ all-time best seasons.

How many series did 2001 Mariners lose?

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Team WAR Playoff Result
1.1939 New York Yankees 70.1 Won World Series
2. 2001 Seattle Mariners 66.6 Lost in ALCS
3. 1927 New York Yankees 64.9 Won World Series
4. 1998 New York Yankees 63.8 Won World Series

Who did the Mariners play in the 2001 playoffs?

New York Yankees over Seattle Mariners (4-1)

What is the longest playoff drought in sports?

Why it matters: We’re currently witnessing the longest playoff drought in both NBA and NHL history. Longest playoff droughts (all-time): NBA: Kings — 16 seasons (2007-present) NHL: Sabres — 11 seasons (2012-present)

What made the 2001 Mariners so good?

The Defense: Another major reason for Seattle’s historic 2001 season was their overall team defense. Their defense was worth more wins (9.9) than any team in the MLB since the 1990 Oakland A’s defense (10.5). That 9.9 dWAR mark was 3.4 wins higher than any other team in 2001.

Who won 2001 ALCS?

New York Yankees2001 American League Championship Series / Champion

Who won the AL West in 2001?

Cleveland Indians. Seattle won the series, 3–2.