What is the coefficient of friction in braking?

What is the coefficient of friction in braking?

In general, OEM brake pads have a coefficient of friction of 0.3~0.4, and performance brake pads have a coefficient of friction of 0.4~0.5. The higher the coefficient of friction, the less fluid pressure (lighter push of the brake pedal) is required to create a high braking force.

What does EF mean on brake pads?

SAE J866 Friction Designators
Over 0.15 up to 0.25 D
Over 0.25 up to 0.35 E
Over 0.35 up to 0.45 F

What does GG mean on brake pads?

HH Pads can sometimes prove grabby, scary in the wet and ineffective in every day use when they fail to reach a good operating temperature. GG Pads This grade of Pad is a great all rounder and will perform well in most conditions. GG are softer than HH pads and bed in quicker on worn discs.

What does HH mean on brake pads?

H signifies a coefficient of friction greater than 0.55, so an HH pad offers that friction at both high and low temperatures. Other pads may use a GG designation, denoting a friction coefficient greater than 0.45 but not more than 0.55, at high and low temperatures.

What is MU brake?

The Mu factor illustrates the pad material’s friction level against the brake rotor surface as brake system temperature increases. The higher the Mu level, the more stopping power will be achieved for a given amount of brake pedal pressure.

What does a friction coefficient of 1 mean?

If materials have a coefficient value of one, it means the friction force is the same as the normal force. In other words, the force required to move the object is equal to that object’s weight. Objects can also have a friction value higher than one.

What coefficient of friction is slippery?

The coefficient of friction (COF) is the measurement of a surface’s frictional resistance. Essentially, this number tells you how slippery a surface is. A COF of 0 (zero) means that there is no friction between the two surfaces.

What does HH brake pads mean?

Are EBC Brakes good?

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