What Stromae famous song?

What Stromae famous song?

Alors on danse
Stromae came to wide public attention in 2009 with his song “Alors on danse” (from the album Cheese), which became a number one in several European countries.

What was Stromae first song?

In 2008, Stromae worked as a young trainee at the music radio station NRJ in Brussels. Vincent Verbelen, Music Manager, was impressed by the talent he perceived in Stromae’s first single “Alors on danse” and decided to air it for the first time on NRJ.

What was Stromaes last song?

Stromae’s last release was a 2018 song called ‘Défiler’, which itself broke a three-year drought of new music from the artist. The nine-minute-long track was composed for the launch of a new line by fashion label Mosaert, which Stromae co-founded alongside his brother.

What was Stromae second album?

Racine carrée
In 2013, his second album Racine carrée was released. The three singles from the album reached the number 1 position both in France and Belgium, even occupying the two first places in his home country.

What is Stromae’s real name?

Paul Van HaverStromae / Full name

Biography. Paul Van Haver (better known by his stage name Stromae) is a Belgian singer-songwriter-composer born in 1985 in Brussels to a Belgian mother and a Rwandan father.

Does Stromae have a kid?

And just in case you’re not familiar with Stromae; he’s probably one of the most famous Belgians across the world today. The 33 year-old singer has surely been quite happy over the last few days. Together with Coralie Barbier, they became parents to a little 4.1 kg boy on Sunday morning.

Does Stromae have a dad?

It is said that Stromae’s father, Pierre Rutare, an architect, was absent for most of his childhood. He was killed during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. His mother raised him and his four siblings in Brussels, before moving to a suburb outside the Belgian capital.