Can you swim in Desaru Beach?

Can you swim in Desaru Beach?

If you’d like to have a swim, the warm waters here are generally calm and shallow, great for casual dips and for kids to splash around in. For the adrenaline junkies, try out water activities like banana boat, wakeboarding, surfing, and water skiing at the beach!

Where is Desaru Beach located?

Desaru Beach is located at the southern end of the east coast of Malaysia facing the South China Sea. It’s just a 90 minute car ride from Singapore or just over an hours drive from Johor Bahru. Given it’s proximity to Singapore, Desaru Beach is a very popular holiday destination for Singapore tourists.

Is Desaru open to public?

One of perfect short getaway in Johor for picnic, unwind and relax.. this public beach is accessible for everyone with RM6 per entry. Your car is definitely safe when you park at their dedicated car park.

Is Desaru Beach Safe?

The beach overall condition is decent and good for family and friends outings (kiting, picnic, volleyball, etc). The only downside is that the sea water is greyish.

Can we go Desaru?

Desaru Coast Ferry Terminal is now open to tourists – if you’re looking for a quick getaway. Grab your sunnies and enjoy the sandy beaches. Home to white sandy beaches and beautiful beach resorts, Desaru is great for tourists to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and unwind.

How do you get from Singapore to Desaru?

Take a 30minutes ferry ride from Changi Ferry Terminal, Singapore to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal, Kota Tinggi followed by a 30-45 minutes drive to Desaru. The ferry ticket for 1 way transfer is S$26.00 and can be purchase via online. There is also an option of S$1.00 insurance fee to be included in the purchase.

What is the meaning of Desaru?

“Desaru” means “Village Of Casuarinas” or palms. The malay word “Desa” which means village and the word “Ru” is the local name for Casuarinas. While Desaru may not be as secluded as it used to be, or as unpopulated, there is still an unspoiled and unmistakable pristine nature about the place.

Is Desaru worth visiting?

Located along the east coast of Johor, and a mere hour’s drive from the city of Johor Bahru, lies Desaru – a laid-back beach and resort area boasting pristine beaches, fishing villages and plenty of nature-based activities. It’s the perfect venue to wind down and escape from the hustle of the city.

Is Desaru worth going?

Who owns Desaru coast?

Khazanah Nasional Bhd
DRH, a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, is the strategic owner and developer of Desaru Coast, located on Johor’s east coast.

How far is JB from Desaru?

The easiest and quickest way to get to Desaru from JB is by car. The driving distance is 71km and the journey is an easy 55-minute drive.

Is Desaru a city?

Desaru [9] is a coastal resort area in Southeastern Johor, Peninsular Malaysia. The small town of Bandar Penawar, about 2 km inland, serves as the area’s transport hub.