Can you swim in Wellington Dam?

Can you swim in Wellington Dam?

Swimming is prohibited in Wellington Dam in all waters extending to 200m east of the weir wall.

Can you kayak in Wellington Dam?

Want to feel the freedom and tranquility of paddling along the Collie River, the Wellington Dam or one of our stunning blue lakes? Hire a kayak and head off on your own, or we can provide transfers to and from your chosen location.

Is Wellington Dam Road sealed?

This spectacular scenic drive will have you driving deep within the valley, under the canopy of the forest, following the rapids and tranquil waters of the Collie River. Lennard Drive is a one way, sealed road that extends from the bottom of the Wellington Dam Wall to River Road near the Honeymoon Pool campgrounds.

Are dogs allowed in the Wellington National Park?

Dogs are prohibited in picnic areas of Wellington Park such as The Springs and Fern Tree Park unless travelling to or from tracks where dog walking is permitted. Owners should be aware that dog access areas are multiple use and managed for the enjoyment of all Park users.

Can you jet ski at Wellington Dam?

Free style driving of personal water craft (also known as jet skis) is prohibited on all waters of Wellington Dam. Personal water craft can only be used to conduct water skiing activities within the designated water ski area. The closed water areas and 5 knot speed limit apply to PWCs.

Are there fish in Wellington Dam?

In the Collie region, Wellington Dam and Glen Mervyn Dam are now open for trout fishing all year round. The South West Freshwater Angling Guide outlines the rules and regulations, including bag and size limits, and fishing methods.

Can you water ski at Wellington Dam?

On Wellington Dam water skiing is permitted within the approved area shown when the official water level is equal to, or higher than, 158 metres Australian Height Datum (AHD). The water ski area is closed when the official water level falls below this level. Water skiing is permitted between SUNRISE and SUNSET only.

Why are dogs banned from national parks?

These are the main reasons why dogs aren’t allowed in national parks: Even the most docile dogs are predatory animals and are therefore a threat to protected wildlife. Native animals are vulnerable to diseases that dogs may carry. Barking and scents left by dogs can scare wildlife and attract other predatory animals.

Can I fly a drone at Mt Wellington?

You cannot fly a drone in a National Park or reserve for personal or commercial use without an approval from the Parks and Wildlife Service. Applications to fly drones within Wellington Park are made to the Wellington Park Management Trust.

Can you put a boat in Wellington Dam?

All waters of Wellington Dam east of the 5 knot speed restriction area are closed to navigation of motorised vessels at all times, except for Western Australian Government Vessels or vessels solely propelled by an electric motor.

Do you need a fishing Licence for Wellington Dam?

Licences for fishing and marroning are required and can be purchased at Fisheries Department offices or online at

Is the Collie River freshwater?

The Harris River provides significant freshwater input to the now largely brackish-saline Collie River system (DoW 2007a,c). Though upper Harris River is fresh1, waters in the lower Harris River (below the Dam) are of marginal quality.