How many community colleges are in Memphis?

How many community colleges are in Memphis?

There are 3 junior colleges within the Memphis city limits and 6 junior colleges within a 50 mile radius. If you’re looking for a large school, Southwest Tennessee Community College enrolls the most students.

Is Southwest community college free?

For more information, visit Southwest TN Promise. The Tennessee Promise Scholarship provides Tennessee high school graduates the opportunity to attend Southwest Tennessee Community College tuition free. Students must meet all Southwest and tnAchieves deadlines in order to receive the Tennessee Promise Scholarship.

Is Southwest Tennessee Community College a HBCU?

Southwest Tennessee Community College is a public community college in Memphis, Tennessee….Southwest Tennessee Community College.

Type Public
Established Consolidation completed July 1, 2000
President Tracy D. Hall
Academic staff 189 full-time and 221 part-time (spring 2022)
Students 6,391 (spring 2022)

How many community colleges are in Tennessee?

13 community colleges
How many community colleges are there in Tennessee? There are 13 community colleges in the Tennessee Board of Regents system, with each institution offering associate degrees, nondegree certificates, and short-term educational pathways that students can finish within 1-2 years.

Is community college free for adults in TN?

Tennessee is the first state in the nation to offer tuition-free community or technical college to adults.

Do you get 2 free years of college in Tennessee?

With TN Reconnect, eligible adults who do not have an associate degree or higher can attend a community or technical college for up to two years tuition-free. With TN Reconnect, returning students can pursue those high-demand skills that lead to good-paying jobs and a long-term career.

Does Southwestern Community College have dorms?

SWCC has four residence halls: West Hall, a traditional dormitory; Spartan Suites, coed apartment-style residence hall; Spartan Court, coed apartment-style residence hall; and Spartan Hall, coed apartment-style residence hall.

How much are summer classes at Southwest Tennessee Community College?

Tuition includes (per credit hour) $171 for In-State Students; $705 for Out-Of-State Students; $258 (**E-Rate) Out-Of-State Fees and an Online Fee of $68 per credit hour. Students must be enrolled in ALL Online Classes to be assessed the reduced **E-Rate fees.