Is White Diamonds perfume for old ladies?

Is White Diamonds perfume for old ladies?

It’s definitely a strong scent that is good for anyone over the age of 50, I wouldn’t say ‘grandma’ because this is an old scent, but it’s something that the older ladies probably used when they were teens.” Another woman says, “I received it as a Christmas gift and tried it, but had to give it away because I couldn’t …

Does Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds smell good?

The most famous of all of the scents by Elizabeth Taylor, White Diamonds has become an absolutely classic fragrance.

Is White Diamonds a popular perfume?

Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds perfume is among the line’s most popular scents, alongside Black Pearl and Passion. This inspiring trifecta of fabulous fragrances became cult classics in the fragrance world.

What smells are in White Diamonds?

Perfumer Carlos Benaïm developed White Diamonds. It has top notes of lily and verdi (Italian for “greens”); a heart of rose, narcissus, jasmine, and tuberose; and a base of oakmoss and sandalwood.

What company makes White Diamonds perfume?

Elizabeth Taylor fragrance
To celebrate its legacy, the Elizabeth Taylor fragrance collection, in partnership with Revlon, has released the magnificent White Diamonds Legacy. Inspired by Elizabeth’s passion, purpose, and everlasting glamour, White Diamonds Legacy is to be worn by the woman who seeks to make a statement in every room she enters.

Does Chanel smell like old lady?

Along with the floral-citrus-soapy Aldehydes, CHANEL No. 5 is marked with bursts of zingy Bergamot and Lemon that pierce through the other top notes of intoxicating Ylang Ylang and delicate Neroli. … 5 smells like an old grandma perfume, but those who say that, don’t deserve to be wearing CHANEL No.

What perfume do old ladies wear?

CHANEL N°5 Eau de Parfum No list of perfumes for older women would be complete without the addition of the ultra classic CHANEL Nº5. This timeless and iconic perfume from CHANEL was first launched in 1921 and has been a favorite for elegant and sophisticated women worldwide ever since.