What is abnormal obturator artery?

What is abnormal obturator artery?

An aberrant obturator artery (AOA) is an anatomical variation in which the OA often arises from the external iliac artery (EIA) (Figure 1) [3,21,27,28]. Select case studies have identified it in as many as 55.1% of individuals in their cohort [3,4,21,27,28].

Where is obturator artery?

Branching from the internal iliac artery, the obturator artery runs a course along the pelvic wall. It runs to the upper portion of the obturator foramen, which is an opening for blood vessels and nerves between the ischium and pubis bones, located in the lower part of the pelvis.

What is obturator bypass?

The extra-anatomic obturator bypass with femoral vein is a safe and feasible revascularization procedure in patients with severe groin infections and highly pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Group B Streptococcus.

Where does obturator artery terminate?

Inside the pelvis the obturator artery gives off iliac branches to the iliac fossa, which supply the bone and the Iliacus, and anastomose with the ilio-lumbar artery; a vesical branch, which runs backward to supply the bladder; and a pubic branch, which is given off from the vessel just before it leaves the pelvic …

What muscles does obturator artery supply?

The main function of the obturator artery is to supply the muscles of the pelvis and the adductors of the thigh; obturator externus, adductor magnus, adductor minimus, adductor longus, adductor brevis, pectineus and gracilis muscles. Additionally, it provides a branch that supplies the head of the femur.

What nerve travels with obturator artery?

Gross anatomy The obturator artery most often originates from the anterior division of the internal iliac artery. It travels along the obturator fascia of the pelvic sidewall, between the obturator nerve and vein, to reach the obturator foramen.

Where is obturator muscle?

hip joint
Description. The obturator internus is the deep muscle of hip joint which is part of lateral wall of pelvis. It is found in the superior inner side of the obturator membrane.

What makes up the obturator foramen?

Obturator foramen – Foramen obturatum The obturator foramen is the large opening created by the ischium and pubis bones of the pelvis through which obturator nerve and blood vessels pass.

What is the artery of death?

Corona mortis, Latin for “crown of death”, is a common variant vascular anastomosis between the external iliac artery or deep inferior epigastric artery and the obturator artery. It is reported to be present in a third of patients on routine multidetector CT examination 1,4.

Does the obturator artery supply the hip joint?

The obturator artery is a branch of the anterior division of the internal iliac artery. The artery got its name as it passes through the obturator foramen in order to reach the medial compartment of the thigh….Obturator artery.

Origin Internal iliac artery
Supply Femoral head, obturator externus muscle, hip adductors

What happens if the obturator nerve is damaged?

Muscle weakness in your thigh. Numbness in your thigh. Pain that gets worse with side-to-side leg movements. Sensation of pins and needles in your groin.

What does obturator pain feel like?