What kind of guitar does Wes Montgomery use?

What kind of guitar does Wes Montgomery use?

The Guitar Wes owned and played a variety of Gibson archtops over the years that would have us all drooling. A Gibson L-4 with a ‘Charlie Christian’ pickup, an ES-175 and an ES-125 are all guitars he was photographed with in the early days. The instrument he’ll be forever associated with, though, is the L-5.

What kind of jazz is Wes Montgomery?

His recordings up to 1965 were oriented towards hard bop, soul jazz, and post bop, but around 1965 he began recording more pop-oriented instrumental albums that found mainstream success. His later guitar style influenced jazz fusion and smooth jazz.

What is Wes Montgomery most famous song?

Wes Montgomery’s Top-5 Jazz Guitar Solos

  • #5 Boss Guitar: Days of Wine and Roses.
  • #4 Live in Belgium 1965: Yesterdays.
  • #3 Smokin’ at the Half Note: If You Could See Me Now.
  • #2 The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery: Your Own Sweet Way.
  • #1 Smokin’ at the Half Note: No Blues.

What was the improvisation technique typical for Wes Montgomery?

Wes was a master at using chord solos in his improvisations and a chordal technique that he is often associated with is block chords which are four note chords on the top four strings. A popular technique that Wes used to harmonize his scales in chords was combining drop 2 chords and dominant 7b9 chords.

Who has Wes Montgomery’s guitar?

Many years later this guitar was purchased by George Benson, who later sold it to Pat Metheny. 4) Sunburst L5-CES with Venetian cutaway, one humbucking pickup, and a pearl inlay heart with Wes’ name inscribed on it.

When did Wes Montgomery start guitar?

Montgomery began playing guitar in his late teens and played in the Lionel Hampton band in 1948–50 and in Indianapolis during the 1950s, most often with his brothers Buddy (piano, vibes) and Monk (electric bass).

What scales does Wes Montgomery use?

One of the other scale concepts that can be found in Wes’ single-note playing are bebop scales. These 8-note scales are often used over three different types of chords, 7th, m7 and maj7 shapes.

Can you play jazz on a classical guitar?

Re: Jazz on Classical guitar 2, can be very useful for jazz on the classical guitar. As one who has played jazz on the nylon-string 6 and 7-string guitars, I can say that the main problem is simply swinging, and that takes a lot of listening, as well as a pretty good grasp of scales and arpeggios for improvising.

Is classical guitar harder than jazz?

Both the classical and jazz guitar requires a lot of skill. Playing classical music is extremely hard. You have to be the master of your trade, fully confident in your skills and versed in theory if you want to be a classical guitarist. On the other hand, jazz guitar is a whole new level of complexity.

What kind of guitar did Alan Holdsworth play?

Fender Stratocaster guitars
From the late 1960s through to his time spent with Tony Williams in the mid-1970s, his main instrument was the Gibson SG. He then switched to playing custom Fender Stratocaster guitars that were modified with humbucker pickups.

What guitar does Allan Holdsworth play?

Allan Holdsworth has an Ibanez signature model called the Ibanez AH-10, which he used in the 80s.