Which Premier League games are on Sky?

Which Premier League games are on Sky?

Confirmed Premier League fixtures live on Sky Sports

  • Thursday May 19: Aston Villa vs Burnley, kick-off 8pm.
  • Sunday May 22: Liverpool vs Wolves, kick-off 4pm.
  • Sunday May 22: Man City vs Aston Villa, kick-off 4pm.

What football games are on tonight UK?

Lots of Nations League action including England vs Hungary, Germany vs Italy and Netherlands vs Wales….Tuesday June 14.

Time Match TV channel
7:45pm Germany vs Italy Premier Sports 1
7:45pm Netherlands vs Wales S4C
7:45pm Poland vs Belgium Premier Extra
7:45pm Ukraine vs Ireland Premier Sports 2

Why is there no Premier League games this weekend?

There is a long-standing precedent that no top flight matches are to be played on FA Cup final day, a tradition originating in the since-diminished reverence in which the tournament was originally held. As a result, this weekend’s Premier League action takes place on Sunday and Monday only.

How many Premier League games are on Sky Sports?

With four packs of rights totalling 128 games a season, up from 126 matches currently, the deal will offer Sky Sports viewers every first-pick weekend match, plus Saturday evening fixtures for the first time, all screened on Sky’s dedicated Premier League channel.

Will all Premier League games be on TV?

No. Unfortunately for football fans, not every game will be shown live on TV in 2021/22, unlike the previous season.

What time is match of the day on tonight?

Match of the Day will air on BBC One at 10.20pm on the evening of Saturday, 12 March.

Which football cup is going on now?

Carabao Cup (EFL Cup)

Is Sunday football on TV?

All games at 8:20 PM ET….Sunday Night Football TV schedule.

Date Game TV
11/7 Titans – Rams NBC
11/14 Chiefs – Raiders NBC
11/21 Steelers – Chargers NBC
11/25* Bills – Saints NBC