Are blue suits OK for weddings?

Are blue suits OK for weddings?

Whether it’s the beginning of the summer or the middle of the winter, wearing a blue suit for your wedding is appropriate during any season. They’re ideal for any time of the day, too. Blue suits are perfect for either daytime or outdoor weddings.

What tie goes with a blue suit for a wedding?

Silk necktie – Go for a silk tie with a blue suit, preferably in the shades of indigo blue, deeper red or a sophisticated grey. Because a navy blue suit shirt and a tie combination speak volumes.

What color should the grooms vest be?

For white-tie affairs, grooms should ensure their wedding day attire is top-notch. Looks featuring a tuxedo, tailcoat, a white pique vest, and white bow tie are standard when it comes to this specific style of dressing.

Can you wear a vest to a wedding?

This helps keep guys cool and comfortable in the sun, but can also help set the vibe for the type of wedding you’re looking to have. This is often the same choice for rustic weddings and daytime garden weddings. Vests are a great thin option to make the guys look more formal while still keeping them comfortable.

What color ties go with a blue suit?

What colour tie should I wear with a blue suit? The safest tie colour options for a blue suit are a different shade of blue to your suit, or red. You can also wear a pink tie, or even a grey one, provided your suit is made from a heavyweight fabric.

What colors go with a blue suit?

Blue suits especially navy are chosen as they can be worn with any color shirt, white, pink, red, yellow and green being just a few. If you don’t dare to try pale colors, go for a striped white shirt to bring a fresh style to your wardrobe.

What colour shoes should I wear with a blue suit?

The shoes that go best with a blue suit are navy or white. Ground a blue suit with navy shoes for a sophisticated tonal look that still feels relaxed.

Does vest have to match suit?

Basically, your vest should match — or at least flow cohesively with — your suit jacket and trousers. Most men prefer to wear a vest in the same color as the rest of their suit. If you’re planning to wear a navy suit jacket with a pair of navy trousers, for example, you may want to choose a similar navy-colored vest.

Does the groom have to match the groomsmen?

No groom and groomsmen need to dress the same. It’s important, however, that everyone at least looks cohesive and adheres to a dress code. A groomsman wearing linen pants will look odd next to a groomsman in a black tuxedo.

Is it OK to wear a black tie with a blue suit?

Black Tie. Although my advice would be to go for vibrant colors, like red or maroon, a black tie can be paired with a navy suit and blue shirt. It’s a little conservative, but it’s one of the most classic choices for suits.

Which shoes are best for blue suit?

What colour shoes should I wear with a blue suit? You should only wear black or brown shoes with a blue suit. The shade of blue of your suit will determine which colour shoes you go for: black works better with lighter blue and brown can be paired well with navy blue suits.