What is Chandlo matli?

What is Chandlo matli?

Chandlo Maatli is considered the first ceremony of the wedding where the formal announcement is made. During this ceremony, the father of the bride along with four male relatives visit the groom’s place with a steel container or maatli full of sweets and gifts for the groom and his family.

What is Mameru?

Mameru means maternal uncles. This is the ceremony where the bride receives gifts from her maternal uncles which consist of traditional clothes, jewellery and other gifts items including the traditional sarees and choodo (ivory bangle).

What is Roka?

Roka is one of the most significant ceremonies that take place before a Sikh wedding. The roka ceremony marks the union of both the bride and groom’s family and friends. Gifts from both families are acceptable at Rokka.

What is a Gujarati engagement called?

The engagement ceremony in a Gujarati wedding is known as gol dhana, which means coriander seeds and jaggery. So basically, at the engagement ceremony, both these things are distributed amongst the guests. The bride-to-be and her family pay a visit to the groom-to-be’s house with sweets and a few gifts.

What is Gordhana?

God Dhana/Gor Dhana: Gol Dhana literally translates into Coriander seeds and Jaggery. Some families perform this ritual a couple of days before the wedding and some perform it few months prior to.

What is a Saatak?

The Grahashanti and Satak is a morning prayer to seek the blessings of the nine worlds. This used to take place at home but many couple are doing it at their wedding venue. It is an invitation to Lord Ganesh to come and remove all obstacles from the bride and groom’s path and provide them with immense happiness.

What is a Mandvo?

The mandvo is a religious ceremony which is done from both sides separately, as the almost ‘prep’ for the wedding ceremony itself. Traditionally my side of the family are able to do this at home with very small numbers & family – for girls getting married, the mandvo can be done on the morning of the wedding.

Is Sagai and Roka same?

Sagai, roka, and mangni mean exactly the same. In some communities in India, it is also termed “chheka”. The word “roka” has come from “rok”, which, as you know, means “to stop”. In roka, the bride and the groom are stopped from marrying anybody except each other.

What is Chunni ceremony?

Chunni Chadhai or Chunni ceremony Before few days of the marriage, the groom’s family visits the bride’s family and covers the head of the bride with chunni which shows that bride has accepted to be a part of the groom’s family.

What is matli in Gujarati?

Chandlo in Gujarati is a red vermillion Tika and Matli means money.

What is Cheda Chedi in Gujarati?

Cheda Chedi & Kanyadaan In this ritual, the dupatta of the bride is tied with the cloth of the groom. The knot is tied by the groom’s sister. Then the parents of the bride follow the ritual of Kanyadaan.

What is a Mosaru?

Mameru or Mosalu – This is an event where the groom’s maternal uncle or Mama along with his maternal aunt’s husband or Mousa goes to the bride’s house and present her with gifts like traditional Paanetar Saree, Jewelry, Wedding Bangles or Chooda made from ivory, sweets and dry fruits in beautifully wrapped boxes.