Where does Whitby get its water?

Where does Whitby get its water?

Surface water treatment It removes any biological, organic or inorganic matter from the water. The two surface water sources in Durham are Lake Simcoe (with a water supply plant located in Beaverton) and Lake Ontario (which has water supply plants in Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville and Newcastle).

Where does Pickering source its water from?

About 95 per cent of Durham’s municipal tap water comes from Lake Ontario. The rest comes from underground sources and Lake Simcoe. A sophisticated system processes the water. We test the water daily to make sure it is safe to drink.

Can you drink tap water in Whitby?

Whitby, Ontario – The Regional Municipality of Durham would like to assure residents that our water continues to be safe to drink despite possible earthy or musty odours detected recently.

Is there fluoride in Durham Region water?

Facts About Community Water Fluoridation in Durham Region Fluoride is added to the water supplying Ajax, Brooklin, Courtice, Oshawa, Pickering and Whitby. About 80% (540,000) of Durham Region residents have fluoridated tap water.

Where does Durham water come from?

Durham has two main sources of raw water. These are Lake Michie, which was completed in 1926, and Little River Reservoir, which was completed in 1987. Lake water is delivered to the City’s treatment plants using a combination of gravity flow and electric and hydro-powered pumping.

Is Durham tap water drinkable?

The City of Durham Department of Water Management is committed to providing the safest possible drinking water to its customers. Each year, we routinely test for more than 150 contaminants to make sure the water we provide consistently meets all established drinking water standards.

Where does Toronto’s water originate?

Lake Ontario
Water is collected from Lake Ontario through intake pipes deep below the lake and one to five kilometres away from shore. Lake water passes through screens to remove large debris and then through filters to remove additional impurities. Water is disinfected by using either chlorine or ozone.

Is Durham water hard or soft?

The water in County Durham is classed mostly from soft to moderately soft. Durham is supplied by Northumbrian.

Where does Durham drinking water come from?

Can I drink tap water in Durham?

Who provides water in Durham?

The Department of Water Management maintains the City’s pipes, plants, and facilities and provides essential services. Our more than 350 water professionals deliver pure, clean drinking water to the people of Durham 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Is Durham water clean?

In 2019 we reported zero water quality violations. We test for lead and copper every three years, and in 2019 both lead and copper came back well below action levels. We’re happy to report there is no detectable lead in the drinking water that leaves Durham’s two water treatment plants.