What is being built at Henrico Plaza?

What is being built at Henrico Plaza?

Richmond developers Spy Rock Real Estate and Crescent Development are planning a multiuse development with 580 homes on the site of the former Henrico Plaza Shopping Center on Mechanicsville Turnpike just north of Laburnum Avenue.

What is Henrico County famous for?

Henrico County has the greatest number of Civil War battlefields in the United States. More African-American troops were awarded the Medal of Honor after the Civil War battle of New Market Heights in eastern Henrico County than after any other Civil War battle.

Is Henrico inside of Richmond?

The City of Richmond was officially part of Henrico County until 1842, when it became a fully independent city. The present-day Henrico County curves around the City of Richmond, surrounding it to the west, the north, and the east.

Is Henrico VA a good place to live?

A national website has named Henrico County the fifth-best place to live in Virginia and Glen Allen sixth-best.

What is happening to Virginia Center Commons mall?

Demolition of the former Macy’s store at Virginia Center Commons is underway on Jan. 20, 2021. The Macy’s building, part of the mall and the former Sears store have since been torn down to make way for a new county sports and event complex. The former Macy’s space will be converted into a restaurant and hotel site.

What is going to happen to Virginia Center Commons?

External demolition of the portion of Virginia Center Commons being used for the project began in January 2021. The construction is slated to be completed by August 2022. Renderings of Henrico County Sports & Events Center provided by the county.

What is Henrico named after?

One of the oldest political subdivisions in Virginia, Henrico was the scene of the second settlement in the colony and was established in 1634 as one of the eight original shires or counties. The county was named for Henry, Prince of Wales, the eldest son of King James I of England.

Where did Short Pump get its name?

It was named for the short handled pump that was located beneath the porch of a tavern located there. The tavern was built by Robert Hyde Saunders, a Revolutionary War veteran in 1815. This area was on the principal route between Richmond and Charlottesville, as well as other towns in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Is it Henrico County or Richmond Virginia?

What is a good salary in Richmond VA?

Household Salary in Richmond, VA

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $63,616 $31
75th Percentile $45,510 $22
Average $39,032 $19
25th Percentile $28,382 $14

What is the best area to live in Richmond VA?

If you’re thinking about living in Richmond, check out these five best neighborhoods for safety and affordability!

  • Bellevue.
  • Byrd Park.
  • Museum District.
  • Three Chopt.
  • Westover Hills.

What is being built at Virginia Center Commons?

(Henrico County Govt.) HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) – There are new updates on the new construction of a new indoor sports facility and convocation center at Virginia Center Commons.