Can you stay at the Scandinave Spa?

Can you stay at the Scandinave Spa?

One night stay and guaranteed access to the Scandinavian Baths (weekday). Rates vary depending on accommodation type and length of stay. Length of stay discounts available.

How long do people stay at the Scandinave Spa?

2-3 hours
Although there is no time limit, Guests typically spend 2-3 hours in the experience. Guests can bring their own robe or rent one upon arrival. Bathing suits are mandatory and sandals are recommended.

How cold is Scandinave Spa?

There are three stages to the Baths experience; warming the body, cooling the body and relaxation. While it is tempting to skip the cold plunge in the 15°C and 12.5°C Baths, it is important to complete and repeat all the stages to experience the full benefits of Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain.

Can you talk at the Scandinave Spa?

We maintain an environment of silence, so you can’t talk even if you want to. This takes all the pressure off of making conversation. If like many couples one of you is chatty and the other isn’t, our baths are the perfect non-verbal date day that you will both love.

What is a Scandinavian bath?

Scandinavian Baths – Body Warming First , a body-heating process is initiated in order to cause surface blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to the skin. The eucalyptus steam bath, Finnish sauna or hot tub create a raised body temperature that ultimately causes profuse sweating and cleanses the pores.

Can you go to Scandinave Spa pregnant?

If you’re pregnant or a new mom and this all sounds like heaven, I highly recommend planning a visit. Book yourself in for a prenatal massage (if you have benefits to use they have RMT’s), plan a day just for you, and enjoy the peace and quiet at Scandinave Spa Whistler.

Can kids go to Scandinave Spa?

What is the minimum age to be able to enjoy the Scandinavian baths experience? Baths and massages are reserved for adults of 18 years and over.

How do Nordic spas work?

Nordic spas offer a style of hydrotherapy that’s been popular in Scandinavia for generations. The belief is that taking your body from extremely hot to extremely cold temperatures can strengthen your immune system, purify your body, and help soothe various aches and pains.

What’s a Scandinavian bath?

What are the benefits of a Nordic spa?

With your very own Nordic spa circuit, you can:

  • 1- Boost Your Immune System.
  • 2 – Soothe Sore Joints and Muscles.
  • 3 – Detoxify Your Body.
  • 4 – Clean and Tighten Your Skin.
  • 5 – Improve Your Circulation and Metabolism.
  • 6 – Feel Relaxed and Refreshed.
  • 7 – Sleep Better.
  • 8 – Improve Your Digestion.

How expensive is Nordic spa?

How much does the Kananaskis Nordic Spa cost and what does it include? Admission to the Kananaskis Nordic Spa is a flat daily rate of $119 Monday to Thursday and $129 Friday to Sunday per person .

What do you wear to a Nordik spa?

A bathing suit; Sandals; Your electronic ticket; A reusable water bottle (optional).