How long is HEC MiM?

How long is HEC MiM?

Ranked no. 2 worldwide by the Financial Times (2021), HEC Paris’ Master in Management (MiM) is an intensive 2-year program designed to develop intellectual and professional skills as an outstanding leader in the business world.

How much does a Masters at HEC cost?

Infrastructure of HEC Paris.

Ranking 947 46
World ranking 947
Town Jouy-en-Josas
Bachelor (foreigners) 10,000 USD/year. Check the current price on the official website of the university
Master (foreigners) 41,524 USD/year. Check the current price on the official website of the university

Is HEC Paris good for MiM?

HEC Paris is highly selective in its applications. It has an average acceptance rate of 18% for its MiM program. This acceptance rate of the MiM program at HEC Paris is inclusive of all national and international students.

How difficult is it to get into HEC MiM?

However, the program is very selective and the admission rate is low. Every year, students all around the world apply to the HEC Paris MBA program, and about ~16% of them are getting admitted (Harvard MBA: ~12%, Columbia: ~17%). Therefore, applicants must be aware of what they should do to be successful.

Is HEC better than INSEAD?

In a nutshell, INSEAD is considered the more prestigious (it has been ranked the best MBA in the world by the FT for the last two years running), has a wider international alumni network, and is more difficult to get into. HEC is still an excellent choice, and particularly appropriate if you want to stay in France.

How hard is it to get into HEC?

HEC’s reputation is reflected in its increased selectivity: The program boasts a 18.9% acceptance rate for the Class of 2022, making it more selective than MIT Sloan, Chicago Booth, and the London Business School.

Is HEC a good course?

HEC (History, Economics, and Civics) group: The students who are interested in the Indian history. The group has the more advantages that the subjects are very helpful in the competitive exams or recruitment examinations.

How difficult is it to get into Hec MiM?