What are the different types of grinding disc?

What are the different types of grinding disc?

7 Types of Angle Grinder Discs

  • Grinding Wheel. “As you can imagine, the first and most obvious angle grinder disc type is the eponymous grinding wheel.
  • Flap Disc.
  • Cut-off Wheel.
  • Wire Wheel.
  • Strip Disc.
  • Diamond Disc.
  • Ceramic Sanding Disc.

What kind of discs do I need for an angle grinder?

The two most common disc sizes are 4.5” (115mm) and 9” (230mm). Grinders with larger discs are particularly well suited to heavy-duty applications, whereas those with smaller discs are ideal for finer work.

Do all angle grinder discs fit?

Angle grinders discs are interchangeable, which means you can select the specific size of disc for your grinder and the specific type of disc for the type of material you are looking to cut or grind. There is a wide range of different types of discs available for an angle grinder.

Can you put sanding discs on angle grinders?

The new Powerfit Fibre Sanding Backing Pad allows you to use fibre sanding discs on your angle grinders for rapid stock removal, and the high RPM ranges of the tools make them ideal for applications such as quick paint removal, shaping timber, restoring metal work etc.

What are white grinding wheels used for?

White wheels are ideal for the general purpose grinding of ferrous metals but they are particularly suited for the sharpening of cutting tools such as chisels and plane irons. These wheels help keep your tools cooler to avoid overheating and weakening the cutting edge.

What is the difference between cutting disc and grinding disc?

The second most used wheel for angle grinders is the cut-off disc. As the name clearly indicates, cut-off discs are used for cutting metal bars and metal sheets. Compared to grinding wheels, cut-off wheels are thinner in order to deliver the most accurate cuts.

What is the difference between a cutting disc and a grinding disc?

Clue is in the title, a cutting disc is thin and used for cutting and a grinding disc is much thicker and used for grinding not cutting.

What are the 3 types of grinding wheels we use?

There are three main types of grinding wheels, where various numbers differentiate between wheels with specific properties and uses — type 1 snagging wheels, type 27 grinding wheels and type 28 grinding wheels.

How do you turn an angle grinder into a sander?

To turn your angle grinder into a sander you’re going to need some Flap Discs. These discs are specifically designed for use on an angle grinder, and make sanding away lots of surface area a breeze. Not only do flap discs make sanding easier – they make it more cost effective.

Can you grind wood with an angle grinder?

An angle grinder does it all: Carving, Shaping and Sanding Wood. Only one tool in the world can comprehensively accomplish the three important tasks of woodworking namely- carving, shaping and sanding wood and that is an angle grinder.

What are green grinding wheels used for?

Green Silicon Carbide for non-ferrous metals, tungsten carbide for sharpening carbide tools in tool rooms. Type 1 – Straight vitrified wheels used for tool sharpening and grinding. Commonly used in maintenance departments, tool & die shops and metal fabrication shops.