What does it sublime mean?

What does it sublime mean?

Definition of sublime (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : lofty, grand, or exalted in thought, expression, or manner. b : of outstanding spiritual, intellectual, or moral worth. c : tending to inspire awe usually because of elevated quality (as of beauty, nobility, or grandeur) or transcendent excellence.

Is sublime a compliment?

Overall, the word sublime is an adjective that can be used to describe something that is extremely good or beautiful. If something is called sublime, this is a big compliment. The word sublime can also be used as a noun to describe something that is sublime. The word sublime is Latin in origin.

Does sublime mean happy?

sublime Add to list Share. In common use, sublime is an adjective meaning “awe-inspiringly grand, excellent, or impressive,” like the best chocolate fudge sundae you’ve ever had.

Can you call a person sublime?

More figuratively, a somewhat old-fashioned verb meaning of sublime refers to the act of elevating something to a more venerable, refined, or wholesome state. This use suggests that a person or object that was once either average or inferior in some way has been transformed into something of higher worth.

What is sublime nature?

Sublime experience has been defined as a mix of emotions – arousal, pleasure, and vitality – together with feelings of awe in nature, which is perceived as powerful, vast, and complex (Bodei, 2008/2011).

What is a sublime moment?

The sublime moment is individual, personal, and subjective, suggesting that it cannot be defined absolutely or resolved conclusively. The theorists who try to talk about it concede to merely ‘pointing’ at something which they cannot categorically argue even exists.

What does love sublime mean?

inspiring deep veneration, awe, or uplifting emotion because of its beauty, nobility, grandeur, or immensity. 3. unparalleled; supreme. a sublime compliment.

Does sublime mean beauty?

When these definitions are applied to the relationship between “beautiful” and “sublime,” they can be boiled down to the following: being pleasing to the senses in some way (beautiful), and evoking an overwhelming loftiness or vastness, either in ideas, art, nature or experience (sublime).

What’s the difference between sublime and beautiful?

The Beautiful, according to Burke, is what is well-formed and aesthetically pleasing, whereas the Sublime is what has the power to compel and destroy us.

What is the modern sublime?

In 1886 the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche declared the sublime out of date. A number of artists of early and mid-twentieth century continued to engage with concepts of the sublime, though often in ways that led ultimately to these ideas being questioned, mocked or spurned.

How do you use the word sublime?

Sublime sentence example

  1. Demetrius calls his statues sublime , and at the same time precise.
  2. The children were amazed as they saw the dry ice sublime into a gas instead of melt.
  3. The whole of Bhutan presents a succession of lofty and rugged mountains abounding in picturesque and sublime scenery.

What makes sublime?

In aesthetics, the sublime (from the Latin sublīmis) is the quality of greatness, whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual, or artistic. The term especially refers to a greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation.