Who is owner of Gaur City?

Who is owner of Gaur City?

B. L. Gaur
Gaursons India

Type Public
Founder B. L. Gaur
Headquarters Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
Key people Manoj Gaur (Chairman and Managing Director), Manju Gaur (Director) and Sarthak Gaur (Director)
Website www.gaursonsindia.com

Is Gaur a good builder?

As said by pranay, gaur is a reputed builder and doing some good projects in NCR. and rightly said complaints are common for all builders gaursons too alleged with some complaints. moreover gaursons is known for timely delivery of projects as most of their projects handed over on before time.

Who is BL Gaur?

BL Gaur an engineer a poet and a visionary person has founded the GAURSONS INDIA GROUP in 1995. A gifted genious, BL Gaur is a rich property tycoon who achieved notoriety for his flamboyant style in the 1990s.

How can I contact Manoj Gaur?

Gaursonsindia.com is a company and has headquarters in Indirapuram,ghaziabad. Gaursonsindia.com has 83 employees. It was founded in 1995. Gaursonsindia.com specialises in real estate….Gaurs Group overview.

Name : Gaurs Group
Social Handles :
Company Type : Public Company
Contact Number : (0120) 4343333, 18001803052

Which caste is Gaur?

Gaur or Gor or Gour or Gaud or Gauda or God are a Hindu Brahmin or Hindu Rajput Kshatriya clan of India.

Who is the father of Manoj Gaur?

In 1986, when he was in Class X, his father Ajit Kumar, one of the partners since 1967, died. “It was an unlisted company then. Still, Gaur saab protected our shareholding. Fifteen days after my father’s death, he came to my mother and made her tie a rakhi on him,” says Jain, now 41.

Is Gaur city posh area?

With a wide range of civic amenities and high investment locality, this township is turning out to be the best-selling township of all time. All the avenues in Gaur City have their own garden and swimming pool. Here, you can find shopping complexes, Polyclinic, chemist shops and Petrol pump with CNG.

Is buying flat a good investment in Noida?

All sectors on Noida Expressway are expected to bring in good return and rent demand is also expected to go up. Currently rent of a 3BHK flat in Noida Expressway stands in the range of Rs 15000-Rs 20000 per month….CommonFloor Editorial Team.

Locality Average price (Rs/sq ft)
Sector 44 12000
Sector 1 3100
Sector 143A 5315

Is Gaur a low caste?

Brahmin Gaurs, residents of North- India, are the sub- caste of Brahmin. Haryana is the place, where most of the Hindu Brahmin Gaurs have their habitat, but they are originally from Bengal….

Aggarwal Gaur Brahmin Kanyakubj Brahmin
Bania Scheduled Caste Digamber
Sikh Jat Gupta Teli
Vaishnav Kurmi kshatriya

How many flats in Gaur City 1?

Many grocery shops, medical stores, confectionery shops, apparel stores, and departmental store have opened. Within 100 meters distance, located Gaur City’s 1st Avenue which has a total number of 170 apartments.