How do you put a professional designation on a resume?

How do you put a professional designation on a resume?

How to include a designation on your resume

  1. Add your designation next to your name.
  2. Mention your designation in your professional summary.
  3. List your designation in your work experience and education.
  4. Include multiple designations and certifications.
  5. Consider adding your designation to your email.

What is Ctdp designation?

The Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)™ and Certified Training Practitioner™ (CTP) are the only professional designations in Canada for Workplace Performance and Learning.

How do I put my CompTIA certification on my resume?

Some hiring managers include the names of CompTIA certifications – like CompTIA A+ – as a keyword. Dedicate a specific section to computer or IT skills, then fill it with every single relevant skill you have.

What is considered a professional designation?

What are Professional Designations? As part of your lifelong learning, a professional designation is a ‘stamp of approval’ that a person can earn from an organization, demonstrating to employers and their clients that the person has achieved a particular standard of excellence in their field of work.

What is your designation example?

The definition of a designation is the act of pointing someone out with a name, a title or an assignment. An example of designation is someone being named president of an organization. Selection and appointment for a purpose; allotment; direction.

Is designation the same as job title?

In a job profile, it’s a post assigned to any such individual. A ‘designation’ refers to someone or something that are classified or designed on a position which is different from others; or in simple terms, it’s an act of assigning a person into a non-elective position.

How do I get cTDP?


  1. STEP 1: KNOWLEDGE EXAM. The CTDP exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions across the broad set of Competencies for Performance and Learning Professionals®.
  2. STEP 2: SKILL DEMO. After you have passed your certification exam, you will then complete your work product skill demonstration.

What is training and development program?

Training and development initiatives are educational activities within an organization that are designed to improve the job performance of an individual or group. These programs typically involve advancing a worker’s knowledge and skill sets and instilling greater motivation to enhance job performance.

What should be filled in designation?

Founder-If you founded the company and till now you have been in position to control it/Higher stake holder. Ceo- If you are appointed by board members as ceo after any fund raised. Same in case of Cfo/Coo. Proprietor – If you have a small shop or ware house and is fully owned by you.