Is there general coach in Paschim Express?

Is there general coach in Paschim Express?

The coaches that are available in the train in total are 24 and as per the sequence and position, it comprises first class AC, second tier, third tier, sleeper and general class coaches.

Where is D2 coach in train?

Coach number

Tire Name Type Represent coach in Train
EC (Full) AC Executive Chair Car (Seat 2+2 in Each row) E1, E2, E3
CH High-capacity air-conditioned chair car M1, M2, M3
2S Second class Sitting or Non AC chair Car D1, D2, D3
D Non AC sitting Coach D1, D2, D3

Does Paschim Express have pantry?

Pantry Car – Available. Passengers can also order food in Paschim express via Railrestro app.

What is hcp coach in Indian Railways?

HCP is High Capacity Parcel Van.

What is the meaning of EOG in railway?

The most common schemes being used presently are Self Generation (SG), where the train has few air conditioned coaches and End on Generation (EOG), where the train has all air conditioned coaches such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains.

What is D1 and D2 in train?

D1, D2, and so on are the reserved second class sitting coaches, meant for use as reserved coaches basically. Balasubramanian Kailasam. , Chief Inspector at Southern Railway Zone, India (1977-present)

Is Paschim Express superfast?

The Paschim Express 12925 is a superfast express train that operates between Bandra Terminus in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Amritsar in Punjab.

What is B2 coach in train?

Three tier coaches of train are numbered as B1, B2, B3 etc. Then each berth of the coach is numbered by assigning a number to it. Thus B2 32 SU means the coach number (of the three tier coach) is B2, the berth number is 32 which is a side upper berth. Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

What is D in train coach?

Any coach with letter D represents that it is a reserved second sitting coach. Only seats are available and no berths in these coaches. Normally they are for the day time running trains and intercity expresses.