What is Propysalic NF ointment used for?

What is Propysalic NF ointment used for?

Propysalic NF Ointment has a combination of medicines that are used to treat eczema and psoriasis. It helps to provide relief from redness, itching, and swelling. It removes dead skin cells and helps in softening the skin.

Can Propysalic NF be applied on face?

Yes, Propysalic NF Ointment 30 gm should not be used on the face. It is advised not to use this medicine for more than the recommended duration to avoid unpleasant side-effects. Avoid applying a bandage or dressing to the affected area.

Can I use Propysalic NF6 ointment on face?

Propysalic NF6 Ointment should not be used on the face.

Can we use Propysalic NF ointment for acne?

Propysalic Nf Ointment is a Ointment manufactured by OVERSEAS HEALTH. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of blemishes, acne, calluses and corns . It has some side effects such as Allergic skin rejection,Changes in skin color,Damage or wrinkle more easily,Feeling of burning.

Can salicylic acid damage your skin?

Does salicylic acid have any side effects? Although salicylic acid is considered safe overall, it may cause skin irritation when first starting. It may also remove too much oil, resulting in dryness and potential irritation.

Is it safe to use salicylic acid everyday?

Is it okay to use salicylic acid every day? While it is okay to use salicylic acid every day, it could cause irritation. Many dermatologists, therefore, recommend using the acid in moderation, beginning by applying it three times a week and working up from there.

How do you use Propyderm NF cream?

Directions for Use Your dose and duration will be prescribed by the doctor based on the severity of your infection. Cream/ointment: Apply Propyderm NF Cream 10 gm onto clean, dry, unbroken skin affected by the infection. Do not use Propyderm NF Cream 10 gm on the face and avoid contact with eyes, mouth and nose.

Does salicylic acid remove dark spots?

Salicylic acid is an exfoliating agent that will remove acne causing bacteria and even slough of dark spots along with other dead skin cells. Tip: Use a salicylic acid face cleanser and then a spot treatment infused with the ingredient for best results.

Does salicylic acid make skin darker?

Precautions for Salicylic Acid Use Also, because salicylic acid does affect pigmentations, darker skin types may want to avoid salicylic acid, particularly in high concentrations, to prevent unnatural-looking hypopigmentation.