What is an arch enemy of a hero?

What is an arch enemy of a hero?

An archenemy (or arch-enemy) is the main enemy of someone. In fiction, it is a character who is the protagonist’s, commonly a hero’s, most prominent and most-known enemy.

Why do superheroes have enemies?

Characters that represent the evil side are presented by enemy figures of the superheroes, whose mission is to disturb the stability of the imaginary world conditions in the comics. This missionis sometimes carried out by a main enemy, along with his subordinates, or a major enemy group.

Who are some other examples of archenemies?


  • Lex Luthor, the archenemy of Superman.
  • Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), the archenemy of Spider-Man.
  • The Joker, the archenemy of Batman.
  • Black Manta, the archenemy of Aquaman.
  • The Octopus, the archenemy of the Spirit.
  • Circe And Cheetah, the archenemies of Wonder Woman.

Who is Jessica Jones enemy?

In her work as a PI and underground crime fighter, Jessica has made many enemies on the streets of New York. But her greatest foe is the man called Zebediah Killgrave—AKA the Purple Man.

What is an arch villain?

Definition of archvillain : a principal or extreme villain Mr.

Who is flash arch-enemy?

Reverse-Flash: The Reverse-Flashes are the speedster arch-nemesis of each Flash.

Who is Captain Marvel’s arch-enemy?

Black Adam: Captain Marvel’s arch-nemesis and predecessor. The main reason Billy was given his powers was to fight Black Adam.

Who are the superhero enemies?

The Best Superhero/Supervillain Rivalries of All Time

  • 14 Batman and the Joker.
  • 13 Superman and Lex Luthor.
  • 12 Professor X and Magneto.
  • 11 Thor and Loki.
  • 10 Captain America and Red Skull.
  • 9 Spider-Man and Green Goblin.
  • 8 Wolverine and Sabretooth.
  • 7 The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom.

Who is the most evil villain in literature?

The best villains in literature

  1. Shere Khan (The Jungle Book) Buy the book now from Amazon.
  2. Professor Moriarty (The Final Problem)
  3. Nurse Ratched (One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest)
  4. Count Dracula (Dracula)
  5. Sauron (Lord Of The Rings)
  6. Iago (Othello)
  7. Napoleon (Animal Farm)
  8. Hannibal Lecter (Red Dragon)

Who is the purple supervillain in Marvel?

Zebediah Killgrave
Zebediah Killgrave, also known as the Purple Man, is a supervillain from Marvel Comics, most commonly serving as an enemy of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the Avengers.

What makes an arch nemesis?

An Arch-Enemy, archfoe, archnemesis or simply nemesis is some character’s designated and most important enemy. The Arch-Enemy can be the Big Bad, The Dragon, The Rival, an Evil Counterpart, or even a Harmless Villain. The essential element is that, with them, It’s Personal.

What is a synonym for archenemy?

synonyms for archenemy

  • antagonist.
  • adversary.
  • archfoe.
  • foe.
  • nemesis.
  • opponent.

What is an arch rival?

plural archrivals. Britannica Dictionary definition of ARCHRIVAL. [count] : someone’s chief rival or opponent. In baseball, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees are archrivals.

What do you call the enemy of the hero?

An antagonist is a character in a story who is presented as the chief foe of the protagonist.

Who is Hulk’s arch-nemesis?

The Leader
The Leader (Samuel Sterns) is a a supervillain appearing in Marvel Comics, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko as the archenemy of the Hulk.

Who is Aquaman’s arch enemy?

Black Manta
Aquaman’s greatest enemy is the scourge of the seven seas, David Hyde, whose heart is as cold as the ocean depths he hunts. Considered one of Aquaman’s greatest enemies, Black Manta has a singular hatred for the King of Atlantis.

Who is Superman’s archenemy?

DC Comics Superman’s archenemy is Lex Luthor; a criminal genius who builds many deadly kryptonite weapons. Batman’s archenemy is the Joker; Gotham’s clown prince of crime and chaos. Wonder Woman’s archenemy is Cheetah; a villainess who fights with savage claws.

Who is Daredevil’s archenemy?

Daredevil’s archenemy is Kingpin; the biggest mob boss of Hell’s Kitchen. Black Panther’s archenemy is Klaw; a physicist who has been transformed into solid sound who killed Black Panther’s father. The Wasp’s archenemy is The Human Top; a criminal who can turn into a tornado.

Who is the Flash’s archenemy?

The Flash’s archenemy is Professor Zoom; a reverse-Flash who can go at amazing speeds. Hawkman’s archenemy is Hath-Set; an Egyptian ruler who killed the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Martian Manhunter’s archenemy is Malefic; his sick twisted brother who is immune to fire.

Who are the enemies of superheroes?

The Archenemies of Super Heroes. 1 Lex Luthor. Superman. 2 Joker. Batman. 3 Cheetah (Minerva) 4 Sinestro. 5 Eobard Thawne.