Is Muzhappilangad beach open?

Is Muzhappilangad beach open?

over a year ago. certainly it is open happy driving !

What is the Speciality of Muzhappilangad Beach?

This beach is the longest Drive-In Beach in Asia and is featured among the top 6 best beaches for driving in the world in BBC article for Autos. Muzhappilangad is the only Asian beach featured in the list. Even though Goa has many beautiful beaches, it does not have a Drive-in beach.

Which district is Muzhappilangad Beach?

Kannur district
Muzhappilangad (മുഴപ്പിലങ്ങാട്) is a small coastal village near Thalassery in Kannur district in the Indian state of Kerala.

Which is the longest driving beach in India?

Muzhappilangad Beach
Visit National Highway 66 going through Kannur to Thalassery to land at the Muzhappilangad Beach, which is believed to be the longest drive-in beach in Asia!

How many beaches are there in Kannur?

five beaches
Payyambalam beach is a beautiful spot located in the district of Kannur. It is one among the five beaches that is collectively known as Kannur beach.

Which is the longest driving beach in world?

1- Praia do Cassino Beach, Brazil (150 miles/241 km) By far and away, the longest beach in the world is the Praia do Cassino Beach, which runs for over 150 miles (241 km) from Rio down to Uruguay.

Is Alappuzha beach open?

Visiting Time: Open all days from 5am to 7pm. Visiting Duration: 2 to 3 hours or more.

Which is the biggest beach in Kerala?

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram The biggest beach in Kerala is Kovalam Beach which is made out of three serene beaches which are Lighthouse beach, Samudra beach and Hawah beach.

Which is the only drive in beach in Kerala?

Muzhappilangad Beach – Kerala’s only drive in beach at Kannur | Kerala Tourism.

What is Kannur known for?

Kannur is dubbed as the City of Looms and Lores, thanks to the flourishing handloom industry and folk art called Theyyam. Theyyamis a ritualistic artform encompassing dance, music and mime, where the artist dons the guise of God. Kannur is believed to have got its name from being the land of Kannan or Krishna.

Which is the nearest beach to Bangalore?

Start your Love Affair with the Sea at these Bewitching Beaches near Bangalore

Auroville Beach Off ECR, Puducherry
Malpe Beach udupi,karnataka
Maravanthe Beach Kundapura, Karnataka
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