Who is pastor Makandiwa?

Who is pastor Makandiwa?

Emmanuel Makandiwa

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Born December 25, 1977 (age 44) Muzarabani in Mashonaland Central Province
Nationality Zimbabwean
Denomination Christian
Residence Harare, Zimbabwe

How did Emmanuel makandiwa start his ministry?

After graduating, Makandiwa went to Matabeleland where he worked as an assistant pastor under the supervision of Reverend Aspher Madziyire (who was once the President of AFM). He was then assigned to be the pastor of an Assembly in Shangani.

Who is Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa spiritual father?

Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng of Ghana
Prophet Makandiwa’s personal and ministry life have been influenced to a large extent through his association with his spiritual father, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng of Ghana.

Who is Ruth Makandiwa?

Ruth Makandiwa is one unique inspirational Woman of God and wife to the President and Founder of the United Family International Church – Emmanuel Makandiwa. She is a strong pillar, a visionary and a wonderful counsellor and planner who complements the efforts of her husband in serving God with all diligence.

Where does Prophet Makandiwa come from?

Muzarabani, ZimbabweEmmanuel Makandiwa / Place of birth

How old is Emmanuel makandiwa?

44 years (December 25, 1977)Emmanuel Makandiwa / Age

How many children prophet Makandiwa have?

He is a personality that God has and is using to minister to the spiritual, physical, economic and emotional needs of people and nations worldwide. Emmanuel is married to Ruth Makandiwa and they are blessed with five wonderful children.

Where does Prophet makandiwa come from?

How many biological children does Prophet makandiwa have?

Emmanuel Makandiwa

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Residence Harare, Zimbabwe
Parents Lilian Makandiwa (Mother)
Spouse Ruth Makandiwa
Children (2) Emmanuel Jr, Victor

How many biological children does Prophet Makandiwa have?