How much does a Louis Moinet cost?

How much does a Louis Moinet cost?

The timepiece is sold in a specially created blue globe-shaped box. Just eight numbered pieces will ever be made of the 43mm watch, each retailing for $380,000. The Louis Moinet Space Revolution watch was conceived of by the brand owner, Jean-Marie Schaller — [+]

Is Louis Moinet a good brand?

Louis Moinet is one of the most prestigious brands among the watchmaking industry and has been most preferred choice os some of the most reputable and eminent personalities of the world in the past history and even today continues to adore the wrists of most of the famous and elite personalities in this world.

Who wears Louis Moinet?

Because of his interest in astronomy, he came up with a watch shaped counter which could display 60ths of a second. His distinguished clientele and customers like Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe made Louis Moinet maestro in the watchmaking industry.

When was Louis Moinet founded?

With his Chronograph invented in 1816, Louis Moinet has become the official holder of the title of «World’s First Chronograph», awarded by the Guinness World Records organisation.

How do you spell Louis Moinet?

Louis Moinet This brand was named after the French inventor of the chronograph. Today, their watches are anything but understated, and the brand is pronounced Loo-EE MWAH-neh, with a silent s and silent t.

What kind of watch does the president wear?

As to previous president Donald Trump, it was often difficult to see his watches with the constant waving of arms and stern crossing of arms, but rest assured, Trump has been seen wearing a Rolex (on a golf course) and potentially a vintage Patek Philippe (at a sports event), and even launched his own Donald Trump …

What is the rarest watch in the world?

5 of The Rarest Vintage Watches Ever Made

  1. Rolex 4113.
  2. Patek Philippe Ref.
  3. Bao Dai Rolex Ref.
  4. Vacheron Constantin Chronometre Royal Ref.
  5. Patek Philippe 3974.

What kind of watch does Bill Gates wear?

Bill Gates – Casio Quartz Diver 200m Or least a good looking Omega or Nomos. Instead, Bill Gates chose the Casio Quartz Diver 200m. Sometimes, owning the most luxurious timepiece isn’t the best way to show off and that is exactly what Bill Gates has done here.