What are SM Retail establishments?

What are SM Retail establishments?

SM Retail, Inc. operates leading local and global retail chains including SM Appliance, Ace Hardware, Toy Kingdom, Baby Company, Our Home, Crate & Barrel, Forever 21, Miniso, Homeworld, Watsons, Kultura, Sports Central, Pet Express, Body Shop, Uniqlo, Bata and other specialty stores.

Is SM department store a corporation?

SM Retail Inc. is a private retail holding company based in Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. It is a subsidiary of the conglomerate SM Investments Corporation. SM Retail has been a member of the International Association of department stores since 2009.

What form of business is SM?

SM Investments Corporation (SMIC), also known as SM Group, is a Filipino conglomerate with interests in shopping mall development and management, retail, real estate development, banking, and tourism….SM Investments.

Type Public
Website SM Investments Corporation

Is SM a retail industry?

Today, SM Retail, Inc. is the country’s leading retailer with a nationwide portfolio of department stores, supermarkets and specialty stores.

Who owns SM malls in Philippines?

SM Prime Holdings, Inc.
SM Supermalls is owned by SM Prime Holdings, Inc., the Philippines’ biggest developer, operator and owner of world-class malls — 79 in the country and 7 in China. SM Prime started its mall development business in 1985 with the opening of SM North EDSA.

Is SM Investment Corporation a global corporation?

SM is the only Philippine corporate which garnered spot in the Forbes 2019 World’s Best Regarded Companies, joining companies in Asia which dominated nearly half of the list along with global brands and companies from major industries in the United States and Europe.

Is SM a global corporation?

Is SM Investment Corporation is a global corporation?

27 among 200 top-performing listed companies across Asia Pacific. SM has also been ranked among the Forbes Global 2000 World’s Best Employers for 2018 and 2017. SM Investments Corporation is a leading Philippine company that is invested in market leading businesses in retail, banking and property.

Is SM a merchandising business?

The SM Store, formerly known as SM Department Store, has over 60 stores strategically located in key cities throughout the Philippines and carries a wide range of apparel, accessories, housewares, general merchandise and lifestyle products.

Who owns Smdc Philippines?

SM Prime’s wholly-owned residential developer, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is a trailblazer in the middle market residential condominiums.

Who owns SM now?

SM PrimeSM Supermalls / Parent organization

What is the purpose of SM Investments Corporation?

SM Investments Corporation (SMIC) is a leading Philippine company that is invested in market leading businesses in retail, banking and property. It also invests in ventures that can capture the high growth opportunities in the emerging Philippine economy.