What does 2 galaxies colliding look like?

What does 2 galaxies colliding look like?

As they begin to approach one another, the galaxies begin to stretch and deform, creating tails or arms. The combination of the two galaxies then forms what appears to be an elliptical galaxy as the arms begin to disappear.

What happens if 2 galaxies collide?

What Happens When Galaxies Collide? The merging of galaxies will radically affect their shape. For example, two spiral galaxies can merge and form an elliptical galaxy. Sometimes even more than two galaxies can collide with each other.

Will black holes in Milky Way and Andromeda merge?

Supermassive black hole: Andromeda’s and the Milky Way’s black holes will collide. Our nearest galaxy, Andromeda or M31, lies 2.537 million light years (or 2.4 x 1019 km) away. However, scientists have agreed that it is on a collision course for our own Galaxy, the Milky Way, with an estimated speed of 116 km/s.

What galaxy is 500 million light-years away?

The familiar-looking galaxy — designated TXS 0128+554 — lies around 500 million light-years away from the Earth, in the constellation of Cassiopeia. Analysis of the galaxy’s radio wave emissions has revealed that TXS 0128+554 has undergone two bouts of activity in the last century, with a 40-year-gap in between.

Do black holes consume galaxies?

No. There is no way a black hole would eat an entire galaxy. The gravitational reach of supermassive black holes contained in the middle of galaxies is large, but not nearly large enough for eating the whole galaxy.

Will Earth survive when the Sun becomes a red giant?

It is widely understood that the Earth as a planet will not survive the sun’s expansion into a full-blown red giant star.

How much longer until the sun dies?

But don’t worry. It still has about 5,000,000,000—five billion—years to go. When those five billion years are up, the Sun will become a red giant.